Louie CK or Should I Say Louie Sick-Oh?

Turns out Louie CK is a hilarious comedian who has a real problem on his “hands”.  He has joked about horrific behavior and we all laughed.  Why?   Cuz when a weird looking dude publicly discloses his various dysfunctions or predilections it tends to make people laugh.  CK pushes the envelope and that is what comedians are suppose to do.  But we never thought he was actually acting on his salacious fantasy world.

A world made up of people in comedy.  A wonderful world where all a fella has to do is to turn to any young waif of his choosing and politely ask, “Is It cool If I rub one out while you two smoke pot?”

And the young lasses with their admiring smiles say,”But of course.   It would be an honor to witness your facial contortions as you beat off your meat dear sir.  This is a dream come true.”

Did you read El Sicko’s statement?   I find it “hard” to believe that Louie only recently discovered that “asking permission” was actually creating a “predicament” for his “admirers”.  Oh brother.

Gee, Louie we are all super stupid and no one can possibly see through your pathetic apology that pretty much says volumes about your inner psyche.  Your victims of your predatory behavior are not your “admirers”.

Now you should go and surround yourself with your friends –whom you enjoyed manipulating with more lies — and you should all rewatch your comedy special — “Shameless”.  You know for old time sake.

Here’s a neat idea:  Why don’t you pleasure yourself in front of your buddy Jon Stewart? Now that would be “comedy gold …sperm”.

I’m Sick

I don’t know what it is exactly.  Maybe once upon a time a witch put a hex on me so I would never be able to eat myself into oblivion while shoving many bite size Twixs into my mouth.  But for the past 20 or so years I’ve gotten sick around Halloween.   Weird.  Huh?  I know.  I was so sick I didn’t even get out of bed until 2:30pm today.  The only reason I even got up was to go to the pharmacy and get my meds.  Sure the worst of it is over but is it?  If its not a witch or creepy goblin on Halloween trying to scare the bejesus out of me now I’m suppose to be afraid of the Russians.  Oh my!



Harvey Weinstein Hollywood’s Ruthless Rapist

I was never faced with the horrifying prospect of a gross powerful pig preying upon me.  Yes I have had to make clear to fellow male colleagues that I don’t want to be intimate or give them a massage to ease their tension.  But gratefully I have not been faced with the horrifying experiences of Harvey Weinstein’s rape victims.

Harvey Weinstein made loads and loads of money for his movie investors while tormenting and raping any woman that he desired to rape.  Harvey Weinstein used his position of power and influence to gain access to any person he wished.  He is a sociopath without ability to feel empathy, sympathy, guilt of any kind for his sadistic appetite.

We would all like to think that Harvey is an isolated incident.  (What’s up with Bill Cosby?  How is Roman Palansky?)

The fact of the matter is women don’t matter.  Children don’t matter.  They are a commodity that can be easily exploited for the pleasure of deviant powerful men.

So what’s new?

We have greater ability than ever to band together through social media platforms and union affiliations to expose these predators for the criminals they are.  Harvey Weinstein is a criminal serial rapist.  He used his position of power and influence to coerce young woman to do whatever her desired while using multiple methods of manipulation.  He is a master at getting what he wants no matter the cost.  He is a sick individual.

He’s so sick even Woody Allen feels “sad” for Harvey.

And if I read about one more powerful white dominant culture movie star who has to say, “I never heard these rumors…”  I call bologna.  You did hear about Harvey Weinstein and didn’t care cuz you’re a man.


HRC – Famous For Her Lack of Awareness

Hillary Clinton should just go away.  At this point in her career it is like she is smearing herself.  There is no doubt she has ben a force to reckon with.  Absolutely, absolutely, ab-so-lute-ly!  She is one of the first females that I was aware of because she kept telling America she was fighting for us.  Wow.  Here is the first lady of the U.S. fighting for us.  She was a modern day Eleanor Roosevelt.

Remember she was fighting for us to get health care.  And here we are are decades later and Hillary Clinton expressed how the idea of single payer “…will never, ever come to pass.”  Wow.  Quite a change.  What’s up Debbie Downer.  It is pretty apparent after gleaning a few passages from her newest memoir that Hillary Clinton has been driven to the edge and Bernie Sanders NOT Donald Trump is to be blamed.

Hillary Clinton just cannot wrap her brain around the idea that she  lost to a television game show host like Donald Trump.  She is only able to comprehend her defeat if she can blame the old white guy named Bernie Sanders who lost to her and her cronies.  Sure that makes sense.  Bernie the big loser while campaigning for you and endorsing you actually is the cause of your BIG LOSS.

Maybe Hillary doesn’t have a good friend because if I was behaving bad sh*% crazy somebody should tell me, “Stop it.  Whatever you think you are doing to endear yourself to the American public your NOT.  Get a grip Hillary and go away.

Go away to an island and relax.  Enjoy some time with your family and dearest friends.  Go do charity work.  Just do it.  Keep doing it so you can do some good of r those less fortunate and maybe then you will learn that life is hard especially hen you don’t have a home.

So go and reinvent yourself.  Instead of “I’m With Her” why not repeat “I’m With You”.


America GASPED!

President Donald Trump blames “both sides”  Charlottesville violence.  What?  Huh?  He waited until Tuesday August 15th to let the country and world know he’s incapable of leading our country when faced with real problems.  He is a nut job.  He has a mental disorder which has allowed him to be successful.  Please do not argue he has or hasn’t been successful– he’s the President of the United States and the Democrats LOST TO HIM!

If you are a sane person then you can see that Donald Trump is a severely damaged human being.  He is a case study of a personality disorder which includes racist tendencies.  It flies off of him.  He is the same man that led the birther movement.  He is the same man that promoted violence at his rallies.  He is the same man that suggested to his crowds to turn on journalists.  And after all of his hateful vitriol he still won.

So can we also agree that the Democratic Party is the reason why we are here.  No kidding right? Look at him.  Look at that mug.  He has all the swagger you would expect from a draft dodging white nationalist dude.  Thank you Hillary Clinton.  Thanks Nancy Pelosi.  Thanks Chucky Schumer.  Thanks Donna Brazil.  Thanks Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Thanks Obama.

We didn’t beg for Donald Trump but your big Democratic idea was to shove HRC down our throats and you decided we should fall in line and vote for the lesser of two evils.  Great idea.  You never came to get my vote.

So now we can all wake up Wednesday morning trying to emotionally prepare for the Trump Shit Storm and his justification for violence.  Here is your big chance Dems to

Hillary Clinton Que Pasa?

Hillary Clinton’s new book entitled What Happened is suppose to provide some much needed insight into the debacle of her second losing campaign run for president.

Through a great deal of research and with the help of John Podesta here are some titles they decided to not use:


National Treasure

They Made Me Pick Tim Kaine

I  Lost to Who?

I’m Really That Unpopular

Can You Believe This Shit?

I’m With Her…Book

I know I will never read this book of fiction.  I just don’t have enough time to read a carefully crafted fictionalization of her journey.

Medicare for All Even for John McCain

America just found out Senator John “Maverick” McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.   Many people have voiced their concern while at the same time wondering why all American don’t have the exact health care plan.  The dramatic irony is McCain’s own health care plan makes me sick.  Not only is it an absurd idea but ultimately fatal.  If anyone in his same situation was dependent on his health care plan and suffered from the same condition they would go bankrupt and more likely not have the access to the same medical professionals that an elected politician is entitled to.  

Senator John McCain has access to the best doctors that MONEY CAN BUY. Currently 50% of Americans are struggling financially and a $500 bill would turn many people’s lives upside down.  

WE DESERVE MEDICARE FOR ALL! (I put this in capital letters so you know I mean it.)  Especially when we are dropping bombs on eight or so countries! Does anyone in the top 1% or in our government care about the lives WE are destroying?  Or the suffering our government war machine continues to indulge to make a profit.

Our country is a CANCER.  

Topless Librarian Goes Viral

I figured the title of this post might get you to click and care.

Picture: A topless librarian checking in books and checking out books.  Just sit with that visual.  That would make going to the library an entirely different experience…yikes.

I like libraries.  What a concept.  Anyone can walk into a public library and can check out a book for free!   A library is like a huge home that takes care of books no matter how old they become.  Libraries are elegant or sad depending on the zip code.  Libraries are examples of democracy because they allow people of all socio-economic backgrounds to enjoy access to great literature and access to the internet.  And I still cannot get over you can check out books for free.  What a concept.

For the past 15 to 20 years libraries across the nation have seen budget cuts that are so harsh eventually each institution must decide whether or not to hire a credentialed librarian.  Yep, most elementary, middle, and high schools have gotten rid of their school librarians.  You would think a school librarian would be one of the most important educational positions at a school but unfortunately since there is no way to measure their performance–using test scores– librarians across the nation were given their walking papers.  Schools–you know institutions of learning– have removed librarians from their libraries.  Genius.

Most librarians have been replaced with library technicians aka cheap labor.  Check them in.  Check them out.  Keep them in order and occasionally dust.  No need to curate a school library when you can get it for cheap.   And now schools have decided to redesign their libraries…get rid of their collection to make room for storage.

You know what kind of schools don’t have libraries? Poor schools. Underprivileged communities and who needs access to good books at school after all?

If you don’t have a library with a credentialed librarian at your children’s schools then you are getting “screwed” by your school principal and school district’s superintendent.  I teach at a top rated high school in the United States.  There are million dollar homes across the street from our school.  Parents rent apartments so as to enroll their children in a superior public high school but for some reason there is no money available to care for our school library.

Our high school library has been recently destroyed by a group of administrative morons.  They have lied and fabricated a myriad of ridiculous reasons to diminish the size of our library collection “cuz those books are old”.   Dismantling a library is never a solution to any problem.  As a matter of fact it is creating a list of problems beginning with: it is a fucking horrible idea disguised as a logical solution.


Let Them Eat Diamonds!

Things are falling apart and I just cannot bring myself to read about the crazy making government destroying machine that is happening in our country.  Its not that my head is in the sand– it is just I cannot take it any more…at least not today.

All you have to do is read the headlines shouting, “Meals on Wheels and Medicaid will be Gutted”. Or if Barron and Melania lived in D.C. for only six days important programs that help those less fortunate in our society could stay funded.  What a concept.  Government for the people, by the people taking care of people.  That sounds weird.

How can I look anyone in the eye today and say, “Have a good day, even though our country is in a mid-death spiral, other than that,  have a good day.”  I can’t even get out of my pajamas it is that bad.

So instead I am on my couch sitting next to my dog and there is a light drizzle outside.  I contemplate the plight of the human race.  And then I came upon this…

Now I feel so much better cuz I’m experiencing what so many people are experiencing:  Butterfly Brain.

President’s Day You Gotta Be Kidding

Why do I have tomorrow off from work the same day my doctor’s office is closed?  This can only mean one thing:  President’s Day…Sales!  Is there a better way to spend my favorite holiday than shopping.  We can show the entire world how great our Presidents really are -they give us great bargains on household appliances and cars.  I’m sure I’m just like many Americans on the eve of Presidents Day so excited I can hardly sleep.  But before I go to bed as a family tradition my husband and I will be playing “Guess Which President Didn’t Try F’ Us?”

I always win with number 29  Warren Harding – some would say the worst president ever – 1921 to 23.  Supposedly he ran the White House like it was a boys club with drinking and golfing and womanizing. Just as the friends he’d appointed for cabinet positions were being nailed for corruption one after another.  Sound familiar?  Harding contracted what doctors assumed was ptomaine poisoning (I don’t even know how to pronounce ptomaine) and died of a related heart attack. Rumors abounded that his wife Mrs. Florence Harding poisoned him to protect what legacy he had left.  I guess we all should try and
remember:  Behind every great man is a woman.  So be very careful.  Happy President’s Day.