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Women and the American Dream

Boy, I’m kind of sad that 2012 is over.  I like to think of 2012 as the Year of the Woman.  I mean it seemed that everyone who was anyone had something to say about women and their lady parts.  Even the Supreme Court seemed poised to take some sort of stand.

As I stroll memory lane in my brain and review the highlights of what it was like to be a woman in 2012 I can’t help but think that I’m in the 1950s and not everything is coming out Tutti Frutti!

I’m one of those women who grew up in the 80s and took it for granted that Planned Parenthood (P.P.) existed.  I didn’t know that women in the past had made sacrifices that I should have access to birth control.  It was the eighties and it just seemed right.  Molly Ringwald was having sex so why not me?  Fortunately I figured out- if I was going to have sex- I should be on birth control.  Never spoke to my mom about it, not even my sister cuz that is totally embarrassing and I don’t even think I told a friend.  I just found the clinic and gave my donation of whatever I could afford and started my “dear god I don’t want to get pregnant medicine”.

I never had an unplanned pregnancy however I did have a few unplanned breakups.  No matter what I’m still grateful that “P.P” was around.  Planned Parenthood made a positive difference in my life as well as my many unborn babies. But have you noticed that since the turn of the century Planned Parenthood has been getting a bad wrap?   I keep thinking its going to blow over.  We live in America.  What’s so wrong with birth control and a woman’s choice?

I guess there’s a lot wrong according to a bunch of old white men in positions of power creating laws that  border on maniacal.  Let me correct myself:  Not “border on maniacal” but maniacally sociopathic!  2012 Texas legislature decided they are okey dokey with a trans-vaginal ultrasound.   Thanks old white guys and Governor Rick Perry.  Now if a woman wants to get an abortion she must submit to a trans-vag ultraound.  That’s cool.  (FYI the FBI recognized last year, vaginal penetration without a woman’s consent is rape.)

Planned Parenthood and all the good it does has been under fire by a bunch of crazy assholes that can’t wait to legislate my vagina and your vagina.  I’d like to say, to all the nut jobs out there, “Thanks for your concern but I’ve got my lady part, “Little V”, is under control.   So please don’t bother yourself with “man”dates and laws that shove something up my vagina so you can make sure your cool with my decisions.  Here’s an idea misguided conservative zealot: the next time you are inclined to shove something up a woman’s vagine why don’t you stick John Boehner’s gavel – hammer side first- up your anal cavity?

I know two wrongs don’t make a right but a girl can dream can’t she?