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Michele Rhee: The “Ali G” of Education

“Who is Michele Rhee?” Some might say, “Michele Rhee is a self -promoting opportunist who claims not to like publicity -even though she appears on the cover of Time Magazine- and hit all the talk shows these past two weeks to promote her new book about her vision for improving our educational system, and it all centers around putting students first, not adults. That means you can go suck it teacher unions.”

While some other people might describe Michele Rhee as, “…a really nice warm hearted individual who is doing all of this out of the goodness of her heart.  Michele Rhee just loves kids. She’s cuckoo for kids and tickled by testing scores!”   

So why does Rupert Murdoch (super cool dude), the Walton Family (super cool family) of Walmart fame and a bunch of hedge fund investors seem so keen to help propel Rhee towards a lucrative lobbying future?  Hm.  There must be a lot of money in privatizing schools and standardized testing.

Some of her critics claim, “Michele Rhee is a fraud and has limited experience in the classroom.  She has taught over 60 students in her entire teaching career as a Teach for America quasi-teacher.  And can everyone please stop giving Michele Rhee any credibility.”

My husband thinks everyone defers to Michele Rhee cuz she’s Asian.  Think about it.  Could there be any truth to that America? Just so we’re clear: Michele Rhee is nothing more than a corporate tool masquerading as a public-sector advocate.  And she has the test scores to prove it.  She’s an unqualified poser who pretends to be an educational expert.

“I can’t wait to privatize playgrounds!”


What people don’t understand is this woman is a hack.  We need to stop pretending she knows anything about education when she’s not even qualified to be more than a playground supervisor, BUT a really good one.  I think she’s even thinking about privatizing playgrounds.