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Size is Just an Excuse!

Today during our faculty meeting while an assistant principal shared “Testing Data” a colleague of mine raised her hand and asked the administrator, “how are we suppose to earn the same testing results that we have enjoyed in years past when our class sizes are over 36 students each class period?”

There are about six students in this photo and that is 30 less than I have per class period.

Sounds like a pretty logical question since we all teach five classes filled with students of varying abilities and there doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight to reduce class size.  We are at maximum capacity and they are still transferring students into our classes.  So when my friend asked a logical question about reducing the number of students in our classes the wise old administrator said, “class size is an excuse”.  And that was that.

In short, we were told to stop our complaining about class size because no one cares to discuss the matter nor will they entertain the idea of large class sizes impacting classroom instruction. What a ridiculous idea.  So if you are a teacher please be reminded: Work harder and stop asking questions.   Just teach your kids to sit down and listen passively to the instruction and everyone will be happy Critical Thinkers.

Imagine No Unions

Fast Food Customer With a Conscience!

I have a confession:  I like fast food & a bargain.  I love a delicious “bean and cheese burrito with green salsa” from Del Taco.  See its healthy cuz of the fiber and since I live a fast-paced-on-the-go-kind-of-life it  does the trick when I’m in a pinch for time.  Comprende?  But I’m not just another customer with an appetite;  I actually have a conscience.  Fast food workers deserve a livable wage!  It is 2013 not 1913.  Come on while Corporate America continues to enjoy record profits the little guy on the other hand can just suck it up and pray to god that he’ll be able to put food on the table for his family of course that is in-between two or three jobs he has to do.

Imagine No Unions

Based on analysis of federal government data, only about 30 percent of fast-food workers are teenagers, say Janelle Jones and John Schmitt of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. In studying the Current Population Survey for 2010-12, they also found that more than 36 percent of fast-food workers over the age of 20 had children.

Here is some data that might hurt your pretty brain:If they tell you providing full time employment and a livable wage will bankrupt businesses remember their business model is only successful if they are able to exploit another human being. I guess people are disposable and Corporate America is indeed too big to fail so we will bear the burden of your obsession to gamble and exploit the working class while you enjoy the profits. Now that sounds equitable.