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Mex I Can Teach Steinbeck!

I’m in the middle of teaching Of Mice and Men to my tenth grade advanced English students and it seems that they are not able to fully comprehend the depth of the text unless we read each word aloud.  I am grappling with the tedium of teaching since to make progress I want to make it together therefore we all sit patiently and listen to each other read the words on the page…but this experience can be so much more.  Seavey_MICEANDMEN_000

The novice reader only reads the words and will miss the nuances of language.  The average reader probably can comprehend the text and even its subtleties but may not be mature enough to grasp the relevance of the literary connection to their own lives.  Now the more advanced teenage reader can surprise you with their awareness while other young geniuses sit disinterested in the discoveries because they lack awareness which makes me wonder can a person lack awareness but have the ability to feel compassion or empathy?

There are those students that capture the attention of every person in class.  They have something to say and the confidence to say it but they are not always the most intellectually advanced…just the most endearing.

Tomorrow I shall pick up where I left off in my English classes.  Attempting to awaken a thirst for knowledge and the passion to understand the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.