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Standardized Testing Kills Critical Thinking!

Do you have a number two pencil and proper I.D.?  If you do then you can take a seat for the next three or four hours and take a test that is primarily concerned with if you can test well.  If you can then the educational doors of opportunity supposedly will open up to you-if of course if you have money to afford it.

But what if you just don’t have what it takes to demonstrate your true intellect when posed with multiple choice questions?  Answer: Take more assessments but get rid of pencil and paper and replace it with online tests!  Voila.  All of your educational woes will be resolved with technology right?

I see the great advantages of utilizing technology in the 21st century classroom. However when class sizes are actually increasing to 40 teenagers per class period and then more of the educational budget is focused on the purchase of computers, lap tops, iPads, not to mention the money that will be invested in more test prep products and then of course all technology becomes outdated quickly, it is evident technology is an infinite money pit and the corporations know it.  And when kids still can’t pass the new fangled online diagnostic tests  at least they will be able to attend college- after serving in the military complex –so that’s a good thing especially since we are in a constant war spreading democracy.

51H0LraOuBL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_We have to commit to manageable class sizes in elementary and high school level courses otherwise our students LOSE and corporate America wins.  Every parent and student should make their voices heard and shout at the top of their lungs “WE DEMAND SMALL CLASS SIZES!”

You might say, “Hey Miserable Liberal class size doesn’t matter.  Teachers need  to stop being lazy and teach.”

And what I say to that is, “I don’t like your tone and class size does matter.  You obviously have swallowed a stupid pill.”

According to our very own President Obama:

“As the White House report (Investing in Our Future) makes clear, class size reduction has been strongly linked to higher achievement, higher levels of engagement, and higher rates of attending college. Yet here in New York City, our youngest students are suffering from the largest classes in 13 years, despite the fact that surveys show that class size reduction is the top priority of parents, year after year. As a city and a nation, we must do better.”

Yes we must do better !  And the first step is: demanding smaller class sizes.   We are going to need a bunch of really smart people to solve all the problems the stupid old people in power have created through their fucked up greed.  Yeah, that’s right I’m talking to you Koch Brothers and the Walton Family and all of you slimy bank CEOs and Standard & Poors since you are owned by MacGraw Hill (one of the biggest educational standardized test makers and all the bullshit that goes along it).

Ezra Klein wrote for The Washington Post that “Standard Poor’s didn’t just miss the bubble. They helped cause it.”  And now S&P evaluates and rates schools and school districts.

According to “The 500 Pound Gorilla” by Alfie Kohn, “The explicit findings of these reports concern whether this district is doing better than that one. But the tacit message – the hidden curriculum, if you will – is that test scores are a useful and appropriate marker for school quality. Who has an incentive to convince people of that conclusion? Well, it turns out that Standard & Poors is owned by McGraw-Hill, one of the largest manufacturers of standardized tests.”

What a coincidence right? Even Woody Allen thinks that relationship is a little incestuous.