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2015 Resolution:No More Torture and Exercise More

Every year I sit and think oh my god I have to make a list of RESOLUTIONS that I am willing to live or die by.  Sure things never really get that tense but the mere idea already makes me feel like a complete failure.  No I haven’t become the person I was once resolute to become.  Maybe I just gave up along the way or found other things more desirable.  I don’t know exactly.

I try to live a good life but it seems more of my life is spent zoning out watching movies that my husband will never have the patience to watch cuz he’s reading another article on “TORTURE” and the loss of moral compass our country seems to effortlessly exude in the name of Democracy.

It seems pointless to write out my resolutions when my country can’t even live by it’s constitution.  Who are we?  What do we stand for?

Come to think if there was any year that I should write resolutions it is this year BUT this year’s RESOLUTIONS will be logical and attainable…

1.  I will not TORTURE

2.  I will not argue about the pro’s or con’s about TORTURE since morally we should not TORTURE.

3.  I will not RAPE another human being because it is TORTURE.

4.  I will not take PHOTOS of my TORTURE victims because I will not TORTURE.

5.  Exercise

6.  Eat fruits and vegetables

7.  Lose a half of a pound.

These are definitely resolutions that I can master without problem.

Torture vs Forsyte Saga?

Let’s all remember as my husband likes to say to strangers on Facebook, “Your pain is ordinary”.  Yikes.

I am soooo miserable and have been avoiding my misery that instead of writing about the tragic path our country is on I’ve decided to do what all of America is doing: watching as much inane online entertainment as possible!  Hoping this will help to drown out all those nasty truths about water boarding techniques endorsed by the United States of America.

There is a lot of pain in the world and even my little insignificant problems or life snafu’s are closing in on me.  Gulp.  I need to make some life changing decisions or be miserable for another ten years.

So my remedy for all the overwhelming feelings I’ve been experiencing I am BINGING on The Frosyte Saga!  And loving it.   Its from the early 2000s you know from the turn of the century.  It takes place during the 1920s in aristocratic England. (Ah the good ole days.)

I loved the filming, the production design and the “novella’esque” experience it provides.  I hate, loathe, and despise a despicable “Soames” played by DAMIAN LEWIS.  Each time he’s onscreen he grabs my attention because I cannot stand him and his villainy.

Sure our country admits to TORTURE, more innocent boys murdered by our militarized police force, Ferguson is on fire and lives are unraveling in real life due to the deeply embedded racism in our country.

But I can escape it all.  I can put my focus on a twisted aristocratic English family and all of their problems, like marrying your cousin and every one is cool with it cuz at least the money and name will stay intact.

I don’t have to go to bed thinking about the loss of morality in our nation.  I can lay my head down on the pillow hoping the Forsytes will overcome one more tragic “fictional”death.

My husband got sick during the middle of Season 2 which was great luck for me because I could sit beside him and occasionally rub his shoulders or his back to help him relax and fall asleep.  Wow what a wife.  He slept for hours last Saturday and Sunday which allowed me ample opportunity to complete two full seasons of pure cinematic entertainment.  Sheer bliss.

And then yesterday…It seems like a dream.  My husband is still on the mend from his illness.  As one character after one character unexpectedly dies from illnesses.  As my husband’s health begins to improve the Saga becomes my every waking thought.  I wonder if that one man is going to die before he tells her or if she dies will they ever know that boy is his and if the baby dies will that bring them together?

And then poof.  I wasn’t expecting it.  My own fault.  I wasn’t keeping track and it did say “Season Four” and I did note there were only four episodes… I was just in denial.  The season ended and I haven’t stopped crying.  What am I crying about?  Ficitional characters who loved and lost and never got it right like so many of us.  An I cry for regret.  I regret moments of my life and years of my life and my youth that I hold so tightly onto.  Because when we are young life looks sweeter and love burns brighter.

Ah regret.  I wonder if America will regret our sadistic behavior after 9/11?  (Ugh back to reality. )

Bill Cosby Spanish Fly or Not to Spanish Fly?

Bill Cosby is all over the place.  Whether on the news, The View, Facebook or Twitter there have been far too many disconcerting conversations regarding Bill Cosby’s predilection for drugging and raping women.  There seems to be a strange reaction from grown ups who supposedly have brains and no longer have a moral compass.   And the kind of stuff that makes my head hurt the most is when I hear other women voice stuff like this:

“What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why would you want to see someone flung into jail without proof? Or do you really feel that these women are telling the truth about Bill Cosby? If he did it, then he’s a scumbag — BUT — these women freely walked into his hotel room, had a drink, accepted drugs on their “free will” and then cry rape almost 40 years later? Rape is horrible! But so is lying in order to get $$$.”  Debra Pasquella (Super Important Blogger)

First, these allegations have been voiced for decades.  And if you spent anytime investigating these claims you would soon discover just how troubling this really is and justice is not likely to occur.  Pointing any accusatory finger at the victims is a grim indication of a person’s lack of a moral compass and up is down.   

With that said, I have been alone with men in the past.  I have even shared a glass of wine or two glasses while alone in their company and fortunately nothing scary or violent occurred.  That’s right, I freely walked into their apartment, got a little buzzed and nothing terrible transpired.

When people like “Debbie Downer” say these women “cry rape” that is suppose to immediately discount the victims as unreliable gold diggers.  In other words, it was their fault and if they got intoxicated then these women received exactly what they  deserved: rape.

What is wrong with people and their brains you might ask…

Sure I get it ,some people just don’t want to accept the ugly truth about a man that is an American icon.  Who doesn’t have fond memories  of Cosby’s old comedy albums or laughing at Fat Albert?  Maybe you relied on Papa Huxstable to guide you through life in the 80s and you can’t believe such a wholesome nice guy who makes kids laugh about pudding and jello could do anything so vile as rape.  How could Bill Cosby, a super star in family entertainment, do such inconceivable acts again and again and again!

And before your knee jerk reaction to defend him please consider that a millionaire doesn’t need you to defend him!

Bill Cosby is worth over $350 million dollars.  Let me repeat $350 million dollars and there are nitwits attempting to defend him and actually worried that Bill Cosby is being unfairly accused and we should not judge him until all the facts are in.  Do you really believe that a man who is worth over $350 million dollars needs you to defend him?  I bet Mr. Cosby has every legal resource, recourse and protection available to him and I’m sure he takes full advantage of that too.

Let’s face it Bill Cosby is no ordinary man and you know why I know that?  Because he is worth $350 million dollars.  Even Whoopi Goldberg finds it necessary to defend his good name.  (Let’s not forget Whoopi also found it necessary to defend Roman Polanski who admittedly drugged and anally raped 13 year old girl.) Whoopi even wants to question these women (more women stepped forward and so far 20 women are willing to speak about their experiences with Bill Cosby the $350 dollar millionaire) so she can form an opinion on whether or not Cosby is the predatory beast we’ve been hearing so much about.  At least Whoopi is consistent, she consistently defends super wealthy powerful rapists.

Before you start convulsing because Mr. Cosby’s good name is being trampled upon why not take a few minutes to enjoy his “Spanish Fly” stand up comedy routine.   Maybe that will bring a smile to your face…or not.