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Torture and Save a Baby

I was listening to the “other” public radio station this morning when I almost hit another car when I heard the word “torture” being stated not just once but at least three times in one news story. That’s right after years and years and years of saying anything but the word torture, like “enhanced interrogations” or “bad stuff” or “we’ve been naughty” they finally decided to report the news since congress released a controversial report regarding the United States and our tactics of torture.

How is this news? Are we so unaware that no one over this past decade realized we have been torturing people? The facts show that we are a country that unlawfully detains people and tortures them. We don’t like doing this but how else are we going to protect our nation against “Evil Doers”?

Some people are against torture cuz they haven’t weighed the pros and cons.  For example: What if the people we torture are going to blow up a building filled with babies? Huh, then what would you do?

The only answer is first start an illegal war, invade a country like Iraq, and pretend there are weapons of mass destruction!

Next, circulate false information under the guise it is based on facts and then go on all the Sunday morning news programs…I mean propaganda programs and announce how the “bad guys” are so bad we must use any method at our disposal therefore sealing the deal that we indeed must start a war to spread democracy even if it means we are going to beat the fucking shit out of potential terrorists.

And I wouldn’t stop there -cuz of all those babies in the building about to be destroyed- I would imprison these suspected terrorists (even if it means detaining a fourteen old cuz he may be involved with terrorist acts) and the only way to really get to the bottom of all of this terrorism stuff is to secretly break the Geneva Conventions in the name of democracy. That way everyone knows we really wouldn’t want to torture anyone but we have to cuz of the babies!