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CEOs Doing the Crime But NOT Doing the Time

Hey America! Here is a fun fact:

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG have agreed to plead guilty to felony charges and pay billions in criminal fines. The offenses range from manipulating the value of dollars and euros to rigging interest rates. Isn’t that neat?

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland will pay fines totaling $2.5 billion to the Justice Department. In addition, the Federal Reserve is imposing fines of more than $1.6 billion on the five banks. So they probably won’t ever do that again.
Michael Corbat Citigroup (CEO), James Dimon JPMorgan Chase (CEO), Antony Jenkins Barclays (CEO), Ross Maxwell McEwan (CEO) of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) and Sergio Ermotti UBS (CEO).  These turds are a bunch of white collar criminals who allow their banking institutions to continue unethical practices because all they have to do is pay billions of criminal fines out of the profits they illegally procured duh!

They’re doing the crime but they are not doing the time.

Did you know that Iceland didn’t bail out their banks?   Instead their country helped the citizens and forced the banks to bailout the people, making the banks write off the mortgages of their citizens. Only three banks remain but under the control of their government.

And did you know…
Vietnam sentenced a director of a Vietnam Bank to death for fake loans amounting to 89 million dollars. (Two other Vietnam bankers were sentenced to death.  Sounds barbaric or does it?)   In China, economic crimes are subject to a range of harsh penalties, including death.

I am not for torture. I am not for the death penalty. But it would be nice if these bankers resisted arrest.   And I doubt anyone would riot if a volunteer deputy accidentally gunned down a couple of bank CEOs. A Mexican girl can dream can’t she?

California Gold Ribbon Loser

This school year has made me a stronger woman and a better educator.  I am one of the few lucky professionals who work at a terrific school with most if not all of the amenities you would hope to find in a public school.  We are such a dynamite high school we’ve been recognized by the State Superintendent of Public Education. Tom Torlakson announced this past week that my high school made the short list for the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award.  Yeah, pretty hot.

“These schools are academically successful, vibrant, and innovative centers of learning and teaching,” Torlakson said. “They provide great examples of the things educators are doing right—embracing rigorous academic standards, providing excellence and creativity in teaching, and creating a positive school climate.”

I’m was on cloud nine when I heard the news but then our school district announced during contract negotiations they intend to extend our instructional day by 15 minutes and their thinking about giving us a  whopping 2% raise…maybe.  FYI Los Angeles Unified School district just settled for a 10% raise (5% this year and 5% the following year)!

But I’m hopeful because as soon as our superintendent received the good news that we received the coveted Cali Gold Ribbon Award he sent all the teachers a big basket of “cookies”.  Yummy for my tummy but worse for my purse–if you get my drift.

Our school district officials evidently are not aware that hardworking educators need money to afford life.  The cost of living has gone up 11% and the school district is only offering 2% increase and maybe retroactive even though we’ve worked nine months without a contract.  I’m no math afficiado but that just doesn’t add up especially when I’m a winner!

Ms. Sisyphus

I think there are about 24 school days left for the remainder of the school year and it already feels like summer today.  It is sweltering hot but I’m still tucked away sitting in the shade enjoying the weather with my little doggie sleeping next to me.  We do this every weekend.  I love sitting outside- even if my neighbor Bob is blaring his jazz station super loud so the entire block can hear-sitting outside reminds me of being a kid.

Oh, now its “break time” for me.  I will go inside.  Make some toast and a delicious second cup of coffee.  When I return I will snuggle up to my doggie and zone out.  Ah it is a good day.