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Congrats Grads!

Congratulations you did it. Sure you did something that millions of people have done before…yes you still should feel accomplished…cuz you did it.   Finally after years of perfect attendance and straight A’s you’ve graduated.

So now what’s next? A new career. A new chance at becoming the you you are meant to become.

Sure you may be walking away from college with a diploma and some debt. On average $35,000 dollars worth of debt. Congratulations class of 2015 you are the most in debt grads EVER!

Fun Fact:
Total education debt–including federal and private education loans–will tally nearly $68 billion this year for graduates with a bachelor’s degree and their parents. Thank goodness our country spends 80 billion on prisons.

In the meantime, we’ve spent over $700 billion dollars in Iraq. Another $800 billion dollars give or take in the Afghanistan War. Our country has spent over 1.7 TRILLION dollars on WAR in your life time! No biggy.

I know some of you -sitting here- aren’t even aware our country is in war cuz you’ve been too busy studying important things while your poor mom works two jobs –getting paid less than her male colleagues. And if your a person of color you’ve been busy obeying our militarized police force while staring down a barrel of a gun for a parking ticket.

Listen class of 2015, whatever you may do in life, no matter how bleak let summer blockbuster movies provide you with the required wisdom needed to survive these tough times.
If something chases you…RUN!

You have NO strings.

If there’s an earthquake we are all screwed.

And George Clooney really thinks you CAN change Tomorrow!

Except if you’re a woman you can only change tomorrow 77%

Congratulations Grads we’re depending on you to not screw up.

American Dream Price Tag

If you are willing to do just about anything to earn a higher grade in school you should stop and figure out why?  Why are you so bent on earning the highest grade in all of your classes because I have yet to be persuaded that this  is the way to go in life.  Sure I get it some of you may come from families that anything less than a A is shameful.  On the other hand I cannot get over how kid’s in high school cheat willy-nilly in upper level courses at a higher rate than kids enrolled in general level courses.

Ultimately sure schools may boast of their growing Advanced Placement programs available while at the same time their student body throws the dice to see how long can they cheat using notes, technology, whatever means to earn a higher score they are more than happy to do so but here is the part that is a real eye opener:  student’s do not feel shame for cheating for higher grades they view it as something everyone does so there is no real problem since everyone is doing it.

So in a system that is predicated on grades that represent a student’s academic intellectual ability ultimately this model is easily corrupted and all along the real lesson is economic.  We are creating a culture of cheating because it is for a worthy cause: college tuition.  Would we have rampant cheating if the cost of college tuition in America wasn’t creating a whole group of monetary indentured slaves who leave college with mounds of debt and no real job opportunities!

There was a time when adults still lived at home it was because they were fuck ups but now it just means they graduated college and hoping for the American Dream to be less pricey.