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Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day and the DNC

Yes I watched the Democratic Debate along with 15 million other people. I guess the entire event was planned by Ms. Debbie  Wasserman Schultz chair of the DNC. Wow. Way to go Deb! What a collection of dullards huh?   But I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I. Let us begin with Sheryl Crow. I like Sheryl Crow. I have nothing against Sheryl Crow but with all the talent we have in the United States the Democratic party decided to go with a Sheryl Crow? I’m sure glad theDemocrats committed to their theme of “more white people with white hair please!”

They could have gone with Christina Aguilera– she’s got white hair too–except she’s Ecuadoran.  I guess too ethnic. Seriously why not anyone else? Maybe next time the national anthem will be played by a band of Mariachi’s and really freak out conservatives.
Now I was relieved by the civility and cordiality each Democrat running for president demonstrated. Sure Lincoln Chafee, is a nice dude, just impromptu public speaking may not be his thing.

Then there was, “I have a long history of working with the situation of black Americans”, a stand out quote by Jim Webb. Another nice white dude. And then we have Martin O”Malley another nice white dude running for President. All pretty vanilla.  (I know. I know we have a president who is half black and white so shut up already.)
Yes Bernie Sanders did a great job getting his message out. They all felt the Burn. And former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood her ground in a fabulous capish pant suit. I loved the color and the cut of the suit it worked!  Yes I know it sounds images-1sexist bringing this up but we were all thinking it.

In the mean time, I still can’t wait until the next Democratic White People Debate!  Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day everybody!

GOP Practices Abstinence From Facts

Hey Ladies!  I just caught a glance of a few headlines on “Huff Po.” And I’m sure glad that this- hard hitting website- is not only able to inform the public about world events that effect all of us; but they take the time to also highlight the most HIDEOUS SPOUSES OF CELEBRITIES!

If they’re not examining “Who has the ugliest spouse?” I can always depend on being shocked by the newest photo of ill-fitting clothing on a beautiful woman that accentuates the reality of having an imperfect body. Gross! Or if I’m really lucky I can catch a glimpse of a woman able to nurse two kids at once! Genius!

We all can agree that conservatives continue to “Wage a War on Women’s Rights”… but now even our liberal news sites are far worse because of all of their salacious links that sexualize and demean women.  (War on Women? What fun.)

Not all women, just women who are ugly or once beautiful and now ugly or suffer from cellulite –all very news worthy items.

I guess it is hard to take women seriously when they’re fat, ugly and old.  On the bright side its 2015 and we’re still fighting to protect women’s rights!

Did you catch the circus on CSPAN this past week?  Oh, the conservative lunatics in Washington were foaming at the mouth and even their eyes were twitching cuz they knew that everybody was going to be talking about how very smart they are and how they really gave it to the blonde chick who runs Planned Parenthood.  The stand out lead actor in our play was my favorite actor in a mini series: Jason Chaffetz all the way from Utah.dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

This past week, House Oversight chairman Jason “asswipe” Chaffetz (R Utah) interrogated Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards  which only solidified that conservatives really do practice abstinence…from facts. And Ms. Richards answered each question with poise and wasn’t ruffled by the transparent behavior of the white dominant culture that is super cool with Fascism.  She had facts and was very forthcoming no matter what type of question about the “Congo” they might mutter or about her income that she earns from killing babies.

During Jason Chaffetz’s cross examination of Cecille Richards she pretty much man handled him with her articulate manner and use of facts.  Cecile Richard’s use of logic left Jason Chaffetz with his “dick in his hand” and egg on his face! But it was an unfertilized egg on his face so that makes it okay.  Am I right ladies?