Monthly Archives: January 2016

Happy New Year Amigos!

Let me say that I had a great deal of anxiety before, during and after the holidays.  Yep I really was worried how things would pan out especially since we were hosting Christmas Eve and even decided to double down and throw a last minute New Year’s Eve party.   I can vividly recall thinking to myself while I was attempting to organize our home, clean up, decorate, cook and maintain my sanity, “Hey, Stef remember never to do this again.”

Sure  it is tons of fun having friends and family over to celebrate the holidays but boy does it require a lot of emotional effort and I’m not so sure after everything is said and done that throwing a party is worth it.  We had lots of food (my husband’s lasagna was a big hit), great music (our karaoke was pure hilarious entertainment for all), and more importantly terrific guests (friends and family mixed perfectly) but ultimately I am wiped out.  Seriously I love my family and thoroughly enjoy our collection of eclectic friends however just thinking about everything we had to do to prepare for our guests I do not think I have the “emotional bandwidth” to ever do this again.

Note to Self:  No need to have a New Year’s Eve party…for another year!