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The Return of Paul Ryan!

“You wanna bet?”  My husband suddenly announced.

“Sure?”I was up for the challenge.

And then my husband said, “One thousand dollars.”


“Yeah, why not?” He went on,  “If you’re so sure that Paul Ryan will be the next Presidential Candidate for the Republicans…”

“But we’ve never used money when we bet,” I reminded my hubby,”We’re married.  I give you a thousand or you give me a thousand it still goes into the same account.”

“One thousand dollars.” Agreed.

Sure.  This is a no brainer.  Just check out Paul Ryan’s propaganda machine at work.

This “confident” man and the machine behind this man is getting ready to unify the Grand Ole Party.  And he’s already earned the endorsement of great men like Mitt Romney (Republican 2012 Loser).

We all remember when Mitt Romney slipped when announcing Paul Ryan but we all knew that Paul Ryan really really really wanted to become president and here’s his big chance once again.  He’s the fresh young face of conservative America with a hilarious beard that shows us he’s old enough to grow one and he looks so much wiser too.

I don’t think Donald, John, or Ted will be around much longer but it was fun.  You know like all the fun racist comments and dumb arguing about who is the better candidate and who isn’t?  Yeah, that kind of good stupid fun before it got crazy-ugly-violent.

“Bye bye Kasitch”, “Auf Wiedersehen Trump” and “Adios Cruz!”  It was fun while it lasted but I think when I say this: I speak on behalf of many relieved Americans that they don’t love Paul Ryan but they don’t hate him.

His new motto to really attract the undecided voter could be something catchy like this:  Paul Ryan he has a beard and is a lot better than those other guys!


The Bern for Real!

First off I have a long history of avoiding old men.  I know, I know, it sounds horrible but there are some people that are “chick magnets ” I’m an “old man magnet”.  It is as if I have a sign saying, “talk to me, please talk to me and tell me trite old jokes that make me wince with pain but often provoke a courteous chuckle.”  Exit stage left. So… I usually avoid contact with old men.  Yes I’m an agist but for good reasons.

And then in a flash my life changed forever.  It happened and it happened at 3pm on March 23rd: I met Senator Bernie Sanders!  Yes ladies and gentlemen dreams do come true.  The stars aligned and I heard myself saying, “Senator Bernie Sanders I’m an American Mexican and I love YOU!”

And then…

With secret service men all around “Bernie” put his arms out and open and poof in a flash  I was being hugged by Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.  That’s right the Bernie Sanders.  You know the man I’ve been writing about.  What are the odds?

Stop. Rewind.  It is March 23rd and you would see me wearing a Bernie T-shirt saying,”Senator Bernie Sanders I’m an American Mexican and I love YOU!” And then he was swept away by the crowd on route to the Wiltern for his rally.

I can’t stop thinking about Bernie.  And I know it is just a matter of time until our paths cross again.

To be continued…

*California Presidential Primary scheduled for June 7th!