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A Woman’s Right To Choose Her Own VP

Tim Kaine came out swinging at the DNC and just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stand him based on some of his policies he doubled down and did an impression of Donald Trump that showed his chops that surprised America.

I am still undecided.  I don’t know if I will be able to vote for Hillary Clinton but holy smokes the DNC has really raised the bar.  Sorry RNC you were a hate fest and the DNC is bringing America together.

One Donald Trump punchline at a time.

I cannot wait to see Kaine and Pence on the debate stage.  Awkward.

Cleveland RNC New Hit Sitcom

This is my first Republican Convention and it continues to be more than I could have dreamed for.  First, the Republicans have finally come together to all hate Hillary.  I think it was the very first plank of their platform:  Hate Hillary Clinton.  Followed by plank numero dos: Prayer in school.  Number tres: Get rid of all those immigrants!  And ISIS is scary so be scared America.

Laura Ingram was present.  Scott Walker was there with all of his hair.  Donald’s middle son from his second marriage spoke for the first time and seem to really like his father.  No joke.  Former Astronaut Eileen Collins spoke but surprisingly no endorsement for Trump trickled from her tongue.  “This is a chance I could not pass up: we can raise awareness of how the U.S. human space program has slowed over the years,” Collins told Mashable. “My message is meant to NOT be political.”

…So I guess that’s why she attended the Grand Ole Party’s Presidential Convention 2016 and then not endorse El Jefe because she’s not political.  (Surprise!  You just being YOU is a political statement First Female Commander of a Space Shuttle.)

And then there was Ted Cruz who really made a splash.  The crowd booed him and then his wife had to be escorted out of the convention while the Trumps looked very very very hugely disappointed by #LyingTed.

For whatever reason Mrs. Newt (3rd wife by marriage) introduced her husband, Newt Gingrich,  who had to come in and clean up Cruz’s mess.  Newt made me forget Ted’s non-endorsement but scared the living shit out of me cuz the terrorists are coming to get me.

And then to end the evening and pull it altogether for all of us fans of the RNC enter Mike “Mike” Pence.   A huge heaping spoonful of boring.  Yikes.

to be continued…



You Like Me, You Really Like Me

The Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, stood silhouetted center stage, then marched to the microphone to announce his wife.  Everyone held their breath.  What was she going to say?  How would she inspire America?  And what would she wear!

Mrs. Melania Trump made a big splash.   Boy oh boy did she.

I loved seeing Melania finally take center stage.  It was like a super model angel from the heavens decided to come down to earth and thought Cleveland’s Republican Convention 2016 deserved a treat and wow.

Melania glided towards Donald.  They almost embraced.  The affection demonstrated confused me.  She looked at him with a gentle look and I wondered how much of this show has been rehearsed.

Evidently not enough.  Melania’s speech had some problems.   More specifically she doesn’t understand it is not proper to use other people’s words without at the very least to credit them.  I’m not saying she’s too pretty, too gorgeous, too attractive to have a brain but jeepers creepers.  The next first lady plagiarized her speech, okay-okay,  parts of her speech.  She took words from Michelle Obama’s Democratic Convention speech.  Egads.  How entitled actually are the Trumps?

So instead of earning an “A” for having poise and charm now she has to earn an “F” for “F’ing up”.  And one cannot help but wonder how the Trump Campaign allowed this to happen?

Maybe that is the worst that will happen.  Maybe Melania’s step-children played a little joke on their stepmother.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke tonight and…