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Back to School in August?

I teach high school English and we are already back to school.  What the flip!  It is August.  We’re not suppose to be back in the classroom; we’re suppose to be at the beach or swimming in a pool or hanging out with friends and sipping cool refreshing drinks wearing sunblock and large hats.  It is the best part of the summer.  The hottest time of year means NO SCHOOL!

Wrong.  I have already worked my first week of school.  Met over 180 students this week and I am exhausted.

The first week of school the kids are pretty sedate.  I think it’s just because they’re stunned they are being forced to sit in rows and try to stay focused while learning about anything cuz its August.  There are one or two kids in each class that seem like the already hate me.  So I must be doing something right.

Do you want to know why schools all over the United States are beginning in August?  Please select the best answer:

A.  Parents want their children to start school in August.

B.  Students want to start school early.  Some students want to get rid of summer vacation altogether.

C.  Teachers want to start school early and want over 40 students in each class.

D.  School administrators decided it would be better for testing especially for Advanced Placement exams.

*If you selected “D” as your answer you are correct because we all know how important taking tests are in life.   There is probably evidence that proves stealing children’s summer memories away from them and forcing them to sit in classrooms that do not have air conditioning must be not only good for the student but so wonderful for the teacher.  (I know I always learn better when I am sweating and my thighs stick to my chair.)

Only 177 school days to go…