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HRC – Famous For Her Lack of Awareness

Hillary Clinton should just go away.  At this point in her career it is like she is smearing herself.  There is no doubt she has ben a force to reckon with.  Absolutely, absolutely, ab-so-lute-ly!  She is one of the first females that I was aware of because she kept telling America she was fighting for us.  Wow.  Here is the first lady of the U.S. fighting for us.  She was a modern day Eleanor Roosevelt.

Remember she was fighting for us to get health care.  And here we are are decades later and Hillary Clinton expressed how the idea of single payer “…will never, ever come to pass.”  Wow.  Quite a change.  What’s up Debbie Downer.  It is pretty apparent after gleaning a few passages from her newest memoir that Hillary Clinton has been driven to the edge and Bernie Sanders NOT Donald Trump is to be blamed.

Hillary Clinton just cannot wrap her brain around the idea that she  lost to a television game show host like Donald Trump.  She is only able to comprehend her defeat if she can blame the old white guy named Bernie Sanders who lost to her and her cronies.  Sure that makes sense.  Bernie the big loser while campaigning for you and endorsing you actually is the cause of your BIG LOSS.

Maybe Hillary doesn’t have a good friend because if I was behaving bad sh*% crazy somebody should tell me, “Stop it.  Whatever you think you are doing to endear yourself to the American public your NOT.  Get a grip Hillary and go away.

Go away to an island and relax.  Enjoy some time with your family and dearest friends.  Go do charity work.  Just do it.  Keep doing it so you can do some good of r those less fortunate and maybe then you will learn that life is hard especially hen you don’t have a home.

So go and reinvent yourself.  Instead of “I’m With Her” why not repeat “I’m With You”.