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Stef Zamorano the “Miserable Liberal” lives in beautiful Pasadena with no hope in sight.  She’s the host of “Comedy & Everything Else”, a writer for “The Jimmy Dore Show” on The Young Turks Network and if that’s not enough she is an educator with over twenty years of experience.  She thinks big thoughts and plans to share them with you.

Stef is a native Californian who grew up just outside of Los Angeles in the small city of Lynwood.  Eventually her family moved to Orange County and she attended Fullerton College joining their Theatre program.  Stef later graduated from the University of Irvine with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts.  “I regret it.”  She attended South Coast Repertory’s Conservatory and continued to work with Jose Cruz Gonzalez but for whatever reason Stef was not Mexican enough for the theater scene even though she is Mexican.  The world of theater rejected her so she decided to give comedy a chance.

After fleeing Orange County Stef joined The Groundlings.  It was a crash course in comedy and how things work in the L.A. comedy scene.  She loved every moment of it even the painful moments.  She went through their program and was selected to be in their Sunday Company.  After performing a few years at The Groundlings Stef continued doing sketch comedy at ACME Comedy Theater.   One of her proudest accomplishments was performing at The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts.  There she was mentored by Carmen Zapata the artistic director and founder of the BFA.  “Carmen gave me my Equity card!  Which was a pretty big deal.  And later she produced two plays that I collaborated with my sister Desiree Zamorano.”  The plays toured professionally for eight years.

Stef continues to write and perform comedy.   Most recently she participated in one of  her favorite podcast shows:The Moth Story Slam in Santa Monica.    She didn’t humiliate herself.  And some times thats good enough.

You can hear Stef every week on The Jimmy Dore Show 90.7 KPFK in Los Angeles and of course on iTunes.  (jimmydorecomedy.com for more show info.)

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  1. Just heard about your blog from latest Jimmy Dore show. You are now rubbing shoulders with Digby, Charlie Pierce, et al on my phone. 🙂

  2. I want to subscribe to your blog. Is this the right place?
    Is there any way I can be supportive and encouraging?
    GO STEF! ( yay )

      1. Thanks , I really love listening to you , the short slaps you throw out are some of the best of any show . Glad you have this blog as I have so many people in education that wiil love it.
        Thanks ,

        1. Yikes, this is an adventure for me and I am trying to write about stuff that drives me nut-so. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  3. Stef,
    Good luck with the blog. I love your input on TJDS. You’re a true comed-I-AN.
    Wait, that doesn’t make sense.

  4. Hi Stef.

    I’ve been wondering ever since your first rants in TJDS with the Mis.Lib. moniker that when you’re gonna expand on it, it’s so simply perfect it’d be a shame not to use it.
    Especially your insight into the American educational system in your rants (I assume that in your blog as well) is more important than one would assume, the rest of the world really don’t get that much real information about these issues as national medias follow the trends of American corporate media. Played your rant about having 40+ kids in your class to my lecturers here In Finland and one of them nearly choked on his coffee, their pedagogical opinion was indeed the same as yours, one simply cannot properly teach that big a group and they all send you their condolences on the sorry state of affairs.

    I sincerely hope thousands of readers for your blog and that it would make a real impact in the world.



  5. Hello, Stef ~ I hope you don’t mind my commenting here; I don’t know how else to contact you… I saw you in, “Young Frankenstein” on the last day of the show a few weeks ago and am STILL laughing at your performance! You were absolutely the funniest actress I’ve seen on stage, probably, ever! I was so sorry it was the last day and that I couldn’t come back and bring my daughters and a bunch of my friends. My question is this: By any chance, are you planning on reprising the role of Frau Blucher anywhere nearby in the coming months? (Your curtain call was Not long enough. I wanted to whoop and holler, but by the time I stood up, the next person was bowing, darn it!)
    Thanks in advance for answering,

    1. Hello Wendy! What a lovely note to read and thanks so much for enjoying my performance. I had
      an absolute blast doing the role. It was a dream come true…almost.
      Warm Regards,

  6. This is a small critique, but you use the saying, “riff raft”. But the saying is, “Riff Raff”. It’s my pet peeve. Like people who say, ” close to the chest”, when it should be close to the vest.

  7. Hey Stef, I love your work on the Jimmy Dore show. I usually listen to you there but I wanted to contact you so I came over here. This definitely looks like some awesome future reading material. If I could ask a small favor though that would be great. When Jimmy was discussing Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning on the October 16, 2015 episode of the Jimmy Dore show he referred to her as Bradley Manning. Considering the topic was how unfairly Edward Snowden would be treated, mentioning the Pentagon denying Chelsea Manning medically necessary treatment would be appropriate. I’m not even asking that, but if you could perhaps correct him when she comes up again that would mean so much. I love your guys show and when that happens it is disappointing to both see a progressive voice mess up on that issue and to also miss an important opportunity to highlight institutional mistreatment in line with the corrupt mentality so often mentioned on The Jimmy Dore show involving imbalances of power.

    Sorry to bother you over here. I just commented on the Jimmy Dore show once before and didn’t want to pester him. I can’t wait to read some of your posts and see your thoughts in a more extensive format.

  8. Hey Stefane! I’ve been a fan since I started watching The Jimmy Dore Show (Your contributions are always the best). You were great at the Burbank Comedy Festival. I just wanted to voice my support for you and all your endeavours, keep being great!

  9. Stef I really really like you and I think I’m the biggest fan of your husband, I love the fact that you don’t overstretch in your arguments wether it’s politics, race or gender. You are a professional Stef and I do hope you get all your heart’s desires.

  10. volume down on last jim’s video
    never cover the voice with music
    specially basses

    I know it’s a must
    but it’s suicide

    “Satan is so intelligent he first attacks the music of the peoples he wants to destroy” Céline

    and first, this music is in the Voice, the thinking, the quality of hearing
    jimmy doesn’t need music!
    you’re insulting your gifts and career
    fuck their tv show models –

    you wanna talk revolution
    and you’re unable to cut this shit off for two minutes to say two words?
    evident mistake

    1. I watched a video of stephane today, first time!
      it was so sad 🙁 they were so stupid only asking her about her body
      like silencing her in fact
      but she knows how to play the game
      thx I saw another video just for the voice.

      this barbaric land called USA is not easy to understand ..
      I remembered a quote today, by the last french writer, philippe sollers :
      he says, “go on feast! let women have the maximum fun,
      otherwise, war will be certain.

      I think when jim talks about the loss of values
      maybe he doesn’t dare the nietzsche step
      towards a loss of humanity?
      the real drama is that for sure, combining hilary and the Don.
      there’s less and less fun in america, it’s heavy, so heavy what’s in their blood…
      that they will have to think of a bloody treatment!

      so sad this spieces, so unaware.
      ok, I’ll come back later,
      you know I live not so far away from bachar
      I’m in the middle of the cake!
      waiting for the candles 🙂

      see u

  11. Started to hear you guys on youtube. Nice job with dore. Being argentinean and having us relatives. Have to wake en up some how!!
    Keep up the good job

  12. Stef,

    You’re an inspiration to me as a first year teacher: you’ve impacted so many in such a short amount of time while adding your dose of comedic magic. Thank you so much for what you do, I appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

  13. Stef, you and Jimmy are keeping me sane as an Ex-Pat in Europe. You are spot on on your insights on your hard-hitting news channel. The Carbon Bubble is going to burst very soon so you don’t risk anything by taking action now with your Green Revolution. You might be surprised when I tell you that European Corporations were the ones that manipulated the elections. Remember that Les Moonves was at a conference sponsored by UBS. Over half of the Central Banks and retirement accounts are invested in fossil fuels. Germany and Switzerland are buying less EV this year than last year. Their workers are putting out ICE vehicles and want America to keep that fracked oil and Bitumin flowing. We saw no information on DAPL on state sponsored media. The Swiss government is pushing to go to war with Russia, for fuck’s sake. I just saw your video with Bernie and the woman from Coal Country. It took a Tunisian to set himself on fire to start the Arab Spring. You have started the fire, now start the Revolution.

  14. I watch Jimmy Dore and see you there. I am a retired educator now living in Italy. I appreciate these videos, and appreciate your comments. Don’t stop! We need to hear your voices, especially since you are a lot more progressive than Cenk, who backed Hillary after Bernie quit.
    If you need a reporter in Italy, I volunteer.
    My blog is about my life in Italy, not very political.

  15. I love The Jimmy Dore Show and love you on the show. A lot of times when Jimmy says who is with him, he doesn’t introduce you. The YouTube video that just went up is one of those times. I know you are his wife so he just kind of feels like you are a part of him and don’t need a separate introduction but it always seems weird when he leaves you out.

  16. I first heard about you seeing you on the Jimmy Dore show. You are awesome but Jimmy should let you co-host or TYT should give you your own show. Or you should collaborate with another liberal with a great sense of humor, such as Caitlin Johnstone. Keep up the great work

  17. Hello Stef. I want to borrow you for a while. Your a very beautiful woman. And yes, I’d love to be your life partner. But, your probably already married, and have a family I’m guessing.
    But, I did want to let you know your very attractive to me and very hot…. But, this isn’t the real reason I’m bothering you I suppose,,, not this time… See, your the writer for the Jimmy Dore show. And I see you on there all the time. And I have studied your bio some. And realize that if I had a difficult political question which i needed sorted, I COULD COUNT ON YOUR HELP TO GIVE ME SOME GUIDANCE IN MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE AND UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!! … cough…. So, I will begin with the meat of this conversation…

    I recently cut my cord. I’m out of the cable T.V. market. Turned my dish back in. I truly hate corporate media. I watch TYT, I watch Jimmy Dore. HA Goodman, Tim Black, Debbie the sane progressive, Humanist Report with Mike, and several others. Big fan of Noam Chomsky.
    And I live in Oklahoma, the state where maniac state reps spend *ALL* their time trying to ban abortion while elementary kids have to suffer in heat because they won’t come up with the money to pay things like airconditioning bills. I mean, this state really is horrible.
    I was a Democrat and now an independent and a Bernie supporter. It drives me crazy when I see that Oklahoma voted solidly for Bernie in the primaries yet, when we examine Massachussets voted in Hillary. Massachussets being the home state of Debbie the Sane Progressive!!!

    As you probably already know, Debbie posted this video critic of a Jimmy Dore show covering
    Ro Khanna .
    And here is Jimmy’s video.

    And you see that this Ro Khanna guy’s pasts is somewhat clouded and pro corporate Dem.
    If you cruise down the links Debbie gives, this guy appears dirty.
    Now, you might think this is the reason I’m writing you, and you’d be wrong….
    This is not the reason I’m writing you. There is another more serious issue I want to bring to your attention which I need help understanding Stef.. I realize that these video’s probably don’t cover the whole story, but I want *YOUR* input to help me make a decision. Help me to understand all of this…..

    Here is the issue Debbie brought to my attention which really, really disturbs me.
    This is a link to an unpublished video Debbie has done live, which i kept, which is very, very disturbing to me. It’s a video about the DNC courting pro-life candidates and it has some credibility. As with my commentary about Oklahoma’s lunatic PRO-LIFE monsters,,, you can see I’m concerned here. And here is the link to the TYT video proving Debbie was right.
    At 11 minutes into this video, Ron Placone verifies that TYT was aware of this, and they seemingly blew it off and didn’t really cover it properly. Was there only ONE pro-life dem the DNC promoted or was there more than ONE??? Have they fixed this issue??? Why didn’t TYT cover it appropriately to put people’s minds to ease here. Do you figure the DNC just did this accidently? How did this happen????

    I like the Jimmy Dore show and I figure perhaps the Ro Khanna was a mistake and they didn’t do the research before they made the video to pat him on the back. And perhaps the DNC made the same mistake with this pro-life guy in IOWA? But, TYT should have done a good followup video to put peoples minds to ease that this was indeed a huge mistake.

    Here’s where you come in Stef. How should I take all of this? I mean, Debbie is deadly accurate. I was once married to an Emergency room RN and believe me, they have brains.
    They have enough brains to get divorced okay… How should I take all this Stef???
    I know damn good and well your not pro-life Stef. And you don’t look very upset to me.
    And independent media certainly do a much better job than that old corporate media I got rid of. So Stef, should I be upset over this or what? Help me please Stef….

    My real name is Charlie but, I got by zen_floater2 on Google Plus as the native american Squirrel who lives in a forrest in eastern Oklahoma. And yes, I’d rather be a Squirrel in Eastern Oklahoma than a real live human being in Eastern Oklahoma for very, very, very good reason Stef. I mean their just wacky nuts here Stef….

    And it was a pleasure meeting you. Your a star and that’s very cool….
    Thank you very much….

  18. Hey don’t forget that you promised to call me after the People’s Summit. Remember, I am the one that is going to help you with your website and Jimmy’s too. Oh and I’m a Candidate for U.S. Congress. Don’t leave me hanging girl. We gotta a lot of work to do.

    And I have a Healthcare Pledge for House members, you and Jimmy will be interested in.

  19. I saw you tonight at the Great Star Theater. A high school English teacher and a comedian and TYT writer? That’s a class act. I am some years older than you are, which makes your ability to inspire all that more impressive.

  20. Hi Stef:

    I’m a regular viewer of the Jimmy Dore Show and a fan of you, Ron and Jimmy.

    I want to complement you on your observation and comments concerning the omission of the topic of Higher Education Costs. When I attended the University of Wisconsin, River Falls in 1977-1981, the tuition cost for a full time student with 3 or 4 classes per quarter was around $250. Most of my costs were covered by grants and scholarships and I didn’t have to borrow any money. I worked part time. In contrast, my oldest daughter, who graduated from Hamline University here in St. Paul in 2004, with a Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking and Religion Studies, had over $40,000 in loans, despite the fact that she received scholarships and grants.

    I can tell you that the friends and acquaintances who have attended University, or who have children who have, the topic of higher education expenses is a very important concern.

    Please focus on this topic periodically.

    In closing, I have one criticism: you need to express your opinions and perspectives–which I feel are excellent–more frequently. I feel that Jimmy is a wee bit too focused on his spiel. Don’t get me wrong, he is an excellent journalist….as are you and Ron. Please jump in more often. You have a unique perspective. Peace out and keep on fighting.


    Harold L. Nicol
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  21. “Yeah, when your white blood cells start uniting, that’s when you get really fucking sick.”



    New DNC Slogan:


    : O


  22. Hi STEFANE, love your contributions on THE JIMMY DORE SHOW. And, to be clear, I’m not the ANDREW who wrote about RIFF RAFF, or RIFT RAFT, or whatever.

    Okay, so the CHARLOTTESVILLE RALLY (and the hit and run attack) just happened. And, our, uh, “president” (who lost the popular vote) DONALD TRUMP just kinda, sorta, vaguely condemned hate and bigotry from “on many sides.” How very BALLSY of him.


    Anyway, I remember seeing a photo of a TRUMP RALLY and there were CONFEDERATE FLAGS on display. But, here’s the important part….


    Keep up the great work. Consider starting your own COFFEE and CHOCOLATE line at JUSTCOFFEE.COOP like you know who.

    P.S. Hey, that RON PLACONE guy is pretty smart. The smartest REDHEAD on the show. And, you STEFANE, are the smartest LATINA and WOMAN on the show.


    OPRAH rules.

  23. You and Ron and Jimmy have given me hope and fired me up so much that I am writing real political articles for the first time since college (I am 50). Thank you so much. I have been watching every single episode of the Jimmy Dore show I can view on YT and ask you to recommend other places I might enjoy.

    Love to the three of you and thank you for bringing me back to life!

    Jonathan Colby Browne
    Blackburn, Lancashire
    by way of L.A. I was born in CT so I am literally a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court!
    (My website is currently down for remodeling.)

  24. TIM TEBOW dropping to one knee (on the field) to praise Jesus, after EVERY touchdown, WONDERFUL!

    COLIN KAEPERNICK dropping to one knee (on the sidelines) to protest the police murdering unarmed Black Men, OUTRAGEOUS! UNACCEPTABLE!

    Perhaps, KAEPERNICK should say that he’s just expressing his DEEPLY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. (Apparently, that can justify anything.)

    P.S. I really love the JIMMY DORE MUGS, but please make the artwork a little bigger. : )

  25. I am actually a supporter of the President but i do like some progressives. At the top of the list is Jimmy Dore and I love what you Jimmy and the other guy do on his internet show. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. We do all agree on Hillary Clinton and the corporate democrats. Trumps biggest asset in terms of his public support is that he cannot be bought by the establishment. It’s less right and left and more establishment and not the establishment nowadays. Keep up the great work on TJDS.

  26. Hi Stef, nice mugs I would get one but being in Canada and with shipping and the exchange makes them cost prohibitive.
    In regards to the Weinstein video from TJDS I hope you read the comments at least the first one. You were absolutely right regarding the Power and Sex combination of men who assault women. I have had occasion where getting hot and heavy with a woman (back in my drinking days) we were both drunk and before we started the actual sex she said something like I don’t feel well I cant go on, I was bummed but what happened to my penis was that it went soft. I was not sexually attracted to this beautiful naked woman beside me because she was no longer into it. If I was a creep like to many of my friends were (I’m 46) back when I was young man, my erection would not have gone away. It is about sex (and power) because the guy needs to stay hard to engage in the act and only sick men get hard during rape.

  27. Hello Stef!

    I am a huge fan of your role on TJDS, and I especially appreciate the Data that you are constantly injecting into the conversations. Jimmy is unmatched in articulating the spirit of what needs to be said, you do a good job of grounding what he says in data – a great tandem!

    I have already reached out to Jimmy and Ron on the subject, but I am currently a student at the Academy of Art in SF, and an aspiring media personality to boot. I am currently taking a podcasting class, and have been tasked with securing a legit guest for a big assignment.

    I am hoping you might be willing/able to spare 10-20 minutes for a skype interview, for the aforementioned project? The interview will appear on my “in-class podcast” which means it won’t be public facing (though if you are able to assist, I would definitely hope to secure another interview with you at a later time, when I DO have a public facing podcast 🙂

    Thanks a ton for your consideration, and I apologize if this is a bad channel for outreach. I am standing by to provide you with any amplifying info you may require to help you make a decision. Have a great day!

    Best Regards,

  28. Love watching you on the Jimmy Dore Show. Please keep up the good work. Maybe they can make it the Jimmy & Stef Show and have you on every day.

  29. Hi Steph,

    I have seen your work on the Jimmy Dore show. Good stuff!

    One thought from your recent piece about AMZN; when companies like AMZN or WMT fail to pay a living wage so that many employees need to collect food stamps, what that really amounts to is a transfer of wealth from public to private hands. In other words, subsistence level wages are great for the corporate bottom line and a benefit to all shareholders, especially the CEO. But the basic needs of those screwed over employees are then being met by public programs like food stamps, which comes from tax dollars which is an expense to you , me and everyone else. The net effect is a stealth wealth transfer from public to private hands. This is one reason the gap between to top few percent of income earners and everyone else continues to widen.

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