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Why Does God Hate Republicans?

I’m sitting watching the entire Republican Party slowly implode.  Hooray!  Every man,  woman and “pussy” for themselves during this election.  Donald Trump has made this election so painful and humiliating for every American and it is only going to get worse no matter what the outcome.

Can we all stop pretending that Donald Trump,  “The Great White Hope”,  isn’t exactly the man he’s always boasted and bragged that he was?  All you have to do is watch Howard Stern and watch the biggest Republican Presidential Nominee train-wreck provide substantial evidence how his misogynistic brain works 24/7.

So I wonder when God started hating the Republicans?  Oh and when did he start hating the Democrats?  Come on, God hates America.  Just look at our presidential candidates.  Do you really need more proof God hates America?





Draft Dodging Donald & War Hawk Hillary

Here we are less than two months away from the presidentia election and Draft Dodging Donald is somehow exposed as the worse “human bean”– cuz he’s recorded saying apparent vulgarities such as “grabbing pussy” and “on it like a bitch”.


It wasn’t his hateful accusations about Muslims, or indictments against Mexicans or how there are too many “Pigs, slobs and dogs”  aka unattractive bitches.   What really turned up the heat on the Trump campaign is his recorded disregard for women and disrespectful boastfulness that he likes to call “locker room talk”.   Are we really surprised?

Then there’s the newest installment of  Wikleaks highlighting even more disturbing details regarding unethical practices and a racist culture inside the Clinton Campaign.  Some will say, “no one is perfect” but holy crap the level of corruption Clinton’s Campaign apparently is well versed on bending the rules to play the game and win.

After watching tonight’s debate am I suppose to feel good about the direction our country is headed because I definitely don’t feel good.   160926-debate-start-5-feature

Neither candidate can provide the type of leadership our country deserves.  Trump and Hillary are both corporatists.  They’re loyal to corporations not to people.

The only future these two candidates are able to provide will be more wars, more financial corruption and more enslavement to low earning jobs which will exploit the working class brown people.

unknownI’m voting for Dr. Jill Stein.   I know there are people that say, “Voting third party is irresponsible and dangerous”.

My friend or amigo let me delicately state: You have been fully indoctrinated by corporate America. You have swallowed their propaganda and you continue to justify your anti third party argument believing Hillary Clinton is the only solution and Donald Trump will wreck our country.   You are –what I refer to as–a delusional pragmatist.  Hillary Clinton is not a leader.  She doesn’t defend or protect the working class as a matter of fact she is a war profiteer and has a pretty snug relationship with Wall Street.  Trump is no better  and just based on his temperament he is a certifiable “mental case”.

This Presidential Election we should come together and support Dr. Jill Stein.  If not now?  When?

History vs Herstory: The First Debate

Just finished watching the first debate and I got to say that it still is neck and neck.  Who watched the debate tonight and said, “Well I thought I was going to vote for Donald but now that I really was able to watch the debate and reflect upon each candidates well rehearsed responses…I am totally voting for Hillary.”

Seriously you and I both know that no one changed their minds tonight.  No one.  If you watched the debate nothing surprised you.  We all tuned in because we were hoping to see a train wreck aka Donald Trump.  Also we all were relieved that Hillary didn’t have a coughing fit or faint.

Donald never provided a clear vision for a better America nor does he have a jobs program.  Hillary on the other hand managed to appear as cool as a cucumber even when she faced Trump’s accusation about NAFTA being a failure.

“Donald I know you live in your own reality but” is the best line of the night but Donald really held Hillary’s feet to the fire when it came to screwing up things for 30 years and NAFTA fucked America.

By the conclusion of the debate I know I just felt worn out and relieved something awkward didn’t occur.  So we have that going for us America.  Only two more debates
Second presidential debate (Sun, Oct. 9)
Third presidential debate (Wed, Oct. 19)images

I still cannot tell you exactly what either candidate stands for because I’m with Jill Stein. I’m voting third party because neither one of those millionaires represent me or even begin to speak to the needs of the regular working woman.

Dr. Jill Stein should be onstage during the debates because only then will the voice of the people be heard.

Finally, I couldn’t help but adore what Melania wore.  No one wears a zipper dress better than Mrs. Trump.  I don’t care she’s foreign born; she loves Donald and someone has to. Am I right America.  Ladies?  Pigs, slobs, dogs?

What’s Wrong With Hillary?

Today we witnessed Hillary Clinton appearing to fall ill suddenly.  This has been an ongoing issue for some time now.  At first, many of us viewed these type of observations as a kind of misogyny

mi·sog·y·ny – məˈsäjənē noun
dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.
“she felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”

Every time there has been some sort of headline pointing out Hillary Clinton’s coughing attack or dazed look in her eyes or her laughter its hared to ignore that   no one ever seemed very concerned about the mental wellness of George W. Bush.

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Fast forward to today is the country really prepared for President Tim Kaine?  You know he is next in command IF something happens to Hillary Clinton.   And I don’t like him or what he has to offer.  He is a corporate man through and through and continues to do the bidding of his corporate masters.

Back to School in August?

I teach high school English and we are already back to school.  What the flip!  It is August.  We’re not suppose to be back in the classroom; we’re suppose to be at the beach or swimming in a pool or hanging out with friends and sipping cool refreshing drinks wearing sunblock and large hats.  It is the best part of the summer.  The hottest time of year means NO SCHOOL!

Wrong.  I have already worked my first week of school.  Met over 180 students this week and I am exhausted.

The first week of school the kids are pretty sedate.  I think it’s just because they’re stunned they are being forced to sit in rows and try to stay focused while learning about anything cuz its August.  There are one or two kids in each class that seem like the already hate me.  So I must be doing something right.

Do you want to know why schools all over the United States are beginning in August?  Please select the best answer:

A.  Parents want their children to start school in August.

B.  Students want to start school early.  Some students want to get rid of summer vacation altogether.

C.  Teachers want to start school early and want over 40 students in each class.

D.  School administrators decided it would be better for testing especially for Advanced Placement exams.

*If you selected “D” as your answer you are correct because we all know how important taking tests are in life.   There is probably evidence that proves stealing children’s summer memories away from them and forcing them to sit in classrooms that do not have air conditioning must be not only good for the student but so wonderful for the teacher.  (I know I always learn better when I am sweating and my thighs stick to my chair.)

Only 177 school days to go…


A Woman’s Right To Choose Her Own VP

Tim Kaine came out swinging at the DNC and just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stand him based on some of his policies he doubled down and did an impression of Donald Trump that showed his chops that surprised America.

I am still undecided.  I don’t know if I will be able to vote for Hillary Clinton but holy smokes the DNC has really raised the bar.  Sorry RNC you were a hate fest and the DNC is bringing America together.

One Donald Trump punchline at a time.

I cannot wait to see Kaine and Pence on the debate stage.  Awkward.

Cleveland RNC New Hit Sitcom

This is my first Republican Convention and it continues to be more than I could have dreamed for.  First, the Republicans have finally come together to all hate Hillary.  I think it was the very first plank of their platform:  Hate Hillary Clinton.  Followed by plank numero dos: Prayer in school.  Number tres: Get rid of all those immigrants!  And ISIS is scary so be scared America.

Laura Ingram was present.  Scott Walker was there with all of his hair.  Donald’s middle son from his second marriage spoke for the first time and seem to really like his father.  No joke.  Former Astronaut Eileen Collins spoke but surprisingly no endorsement for Trump trickled from her tongue.  “This is a chance I could not pass up: we can raise awareness of how the U.S. human space program has slowed over the years,” Collins told Mashable. “My message is meant to NOT be political.”

…So I guess that’s why she attended the Grand Ole Party’s Presidential Convention 2016 and then not endorse El Jefe because she’s not political.  (Surprise!  You just being YOU is a political statement First Female Commander of a Space Shuttle.)

And then there was Ted Cruz who really made a splash.  The crowd booed him and then his wife had to be escorted out of the convention while the Trumps looked very very very hugely disappointed by #LyingTed.

For whatever reason Mrs. Newt (3rd wife by marriage) introduced her husband, Newt Gingrich,  who had to come in and clean up Cruz’s mess.  Newt made me forget Ted’s non-endorsement but scared the living shit out of me cuz the terrorists are coming to get me.

And then to end the evening and pull it altogether for all of us fans of the RNC enter Mike “Mike” Pence.   A huge heaping spoonful of boring.  Yikes.

to be continued…



You Like Me, You Really Like Me

The Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, stood silhouetted center stage, then marched to the microphone to announce his wife.  Everyone held their breath.  What was she going to say?  How would she inspire America?  And what would she wear!

Mrs. Melania Trump made a big splash.   Boy oh boy did she.

I loved seeing Melania finally take center stage.  It was like a super model angel from the heavens decided to come down to earth and thought Cleveland’s Republican Convention 2016 deserved a treat and wow.

Melania glided towards Donald.  They almost embraced.  The affection demonstrated confused me.  She looked at him with a gentle look and I wondered how much of this show has been rehearsed.

Evidently not enough.  Melania’s speech had some problems.   More specifically she doesn’t understand it is not proper to use other people’s words without at the very least to credit them.  I’m not saying she’s too pretty, too gorgeous, too attractive to have a brain but jeepers creepers.  The next first lady plagiarized her speech, okay-okay,  parts of her speech.  She took words from Michelle Obama’s Democratic Convention speech.  Egads.  How entitled actually are the Trumps?

So instead of earning an “A” for having poise and charm now she has to earn an “F” for “F’ing up”.  And one cannot help but wonder how the Trump Campaign allowed this to happen?

Maybe that is the worst that will happen.  Maybe Melania’s step-children played a little joke on their stepmother.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke tonight and…

Melania Trump: Unlucky or Lucky

I know things have changed around here. Hillary Clinton looks like she’s making
“HerStory”.  And her GOP rival, Donald Trump is more like a Circus Carnie.
No offense to Circus Carnies.

I’m not proud that I predicted Trump would be the Republican candidate for President.
I have witnesses.  Just when we thought Donald Trump’s fascist racist retorts couldn’t get any worse for Muslims, Mexican, Immigrants…oh my.   (Or should I say, “ay yi yi”?)  Who hasn’t this maniac insulted, bullied or barked at?

If you’re like me sometimes you need a dose of Donald’s wisdom to get you through your day.   Here are some of his quotable quotes that give me strength:

“Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it!
Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure. It’s not your fault.”

See, Donald Trump cares for all of us stupid losers and haters after all. It’s not our fault we’re stupid. Don’t you feel comfort in knowing that.  Recently, Donald told the world,

“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body.”

Trump is not only smart, he has long body parts too. Huh Ladies? I know when I cast my ballot I don’t really care about a politician’s actual position on policies. I look for the candidate with the longest body parts.

But beyond Trump’s intellect and physique he knows exactly what women want.
In his own words:

 “Women you have to treat them like shit.”

Its like he knows me.  And I know I’m not the only one thinking this but every time I see his wife Melania standing by his side I think,  “Oh my god you could have married anyone. Anyone. And you married Trump.   She has sex with him. So lucky. So lucky.”

I guess when Donald Trump says, “Make America Great Again” he means, marry a foreign super model and make an anchor baby.

Feminists are too Feminist

I recently read that Feminsts are too aggressive. I agree. Just look at all those F’ing feminists shooting their mouths off about stuff like Equal Pay.   Ridiculous.
The Feminist movement has really gotten out of control. Women really BELIEVE they should be able to enjoy the same freedoms as men do.  (Which is weird since we only have vagina.)

I get it. Some women think just because we can bear children —none of which is possible without the steadfast assistance of men’s ejaculate.  See even the miracle of birth we are dependent on sperm a.k.a. Magic Man’s Sauce.

I totally hear you when you say feminists are too aggressive! Why can’t these mouth women be satisfied with the status quo?

I mean how is corporate America able to turn a profit if they actually pay minimum wage workers a livable wage. Yuck. Yucky.  Sure the majority of minimum wage workers are women — which only reveals women are unable of holding positions of authority since they have emotional breakdowns due to their lady parts or just having a bad hair day.
It is absolutely ridiculous to have women even in the work force.  Am I right ladies?
I’m not a scientist but aren’t womens’ brains even smaller than mens’?

Let’s not forget behind every great man is a WEAK WOMAN unable to lead a NATION without crying about being mistreated.

So to all of you aggressive feminists -Why don’t you behave more like pretty Sarah Palin or Ann Coutler or Melania Trump and less like BOSSY Elizabeth Warren and you know who?  Right?  You do know who?