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Torture vs Forsyte Saga?

Let’s all remember as my husband likes to say to strangers on Facebook, “Your pain is ordinary”.  Yikes.

I am soooo miserable and have been avoiding my misery that instead of writing about the tragic path our country is on I’ve decided to do what all of America is doing: watching as much inane online entertainment as possible!  Hoping this will help to drown out all those nasty truths about water boarding techniques endorsed by the United States of America.

There is a lot of pain in the world and even my little insignificant problems or life snafu’s are closing in on me.  Gulp.  I need to make some life changing decisions or be miserable for another ten years.

So my remedy for all the overwhelming feelings I’ve been experiencing I am BINGING on The Frosyte Saga!  And loving it.   Its from the early 2000s you know from the turn of the century.  It takes place during the 1920s in aristocratic England. (Ah the good ole days.)

I loved the filming, the production design and the “novella’esque” experience it provides.  I hate, loathe, and despise a despicable “Soames” played by DAMIAN LEWIS.  Each time he’s onscreen he grabs my attention because I cannot stand him and his villainy.

Sure our country admits to TORTURE, more innocent boys murdered by our militarized police force, Ferguson is on fire and lives are unraveling in real life due to the deeply embedded racism in our country.

But I can escape it all.  I can put my focus on a twisted aristocratic English family and all of their problems, like marrying your cousin and every one is cool with it cuz at least the money and name will stay intact.

I don’t have to go to bed thinking about the loss of morality in our nation.  I can lay my head down on the pillow hoping the Forsytes will overcome one more tragic “fictional”death.

My husband got sick during the middle of Season 2 which was great luck for me because I could sit beside him and occasionally rub his shoulders or his back to help him relax and fall asleep.  Wow what a wife.  He slept for hours last Saturday and Sunday which allowed me ample opportunity to complete two full seasons of pure cinematic entertainment.  Sheer bliss.

And then yesterday…It seems like a dream.  My husband is still on the mend from his illness.  As one character after one character unexpectedly dies from illnesses.  As my husband’s health begins to improve the Saga becomes my every waking thought.  I wonder if that one man is going to die before he tells her or if she dies will they ever know that boy is his and if the baby dies will that bring them together?

And then poof.  I wasn’t expecting it.  My own fault.  I wasn’t keeping track and it did say “Season Four” and I did note there were only four episodes… I was just in denial.  The season ended and I haven’t stopped crying.  What am I crying about?  Ficitional characters who loved and lost and never got it right like so many of us.  An I cry for regret.  I regret moments of my life and years of my life and my youth that I hold so tightly onto.  Because when we are young life looks sweeter and love burns brighter.

Ah regret.  I wonder if America will regret our sadistic behavior after 9/11?  (Ugh back to reality. )