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Happy Valentines End Days


I’m Miserable and hungry.  Happy Valentines Day.

A capitalist’s wet dream.

Are you in love? What better way to show someone you love them.   You really care…buy them something.

Buy them something expensive.

Buy them something that makes you go into debt.

Otherwise how will they know you really love them?

Go into debt to show your true feelings.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I’m Hungerable.


New Year? New Pain?

Already so excited about the New Year and all the neat new ways to feel pain.  Seriously, this time last year is a blur.  And what do we have to show for the crazy roller coaster ride we are on?

I walked into a furniture store yesterday and a salesman came up to me saying, “How are you doing?  What a year?  Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy what a year and I won’t even start on you know who?  I don’t know what to say.  We are in a whole lot of trouble.”

I thought, “he’s right but really weird I hope  he goes away.”

As sudden as he began the conversation was as sudden as his departure.  Thank goodness.   I didn’t want to make a new friend anyways.  This year seem to have begun and swiftly passed me by.  Adios 2017.  I’m not gong to miss you.  You turned out to be disturbing to say the least.

Hello 2018,  let’s see if you can do any better.  (The bar is pretty low.)


Topless Librarian Goes Viral

I figured the title of this post might get you to click and care.

Picture: A topless librarian checking in books and checking out books.  Just sit with that visual.  That would make going to the library an entirely different experience…yikes.

I like libraries.  What a concept.  Anyone can walk into a public library and can check out a book for free!   A library is like a huge home that takes care of books no matter how old they become.  Libraries are elegant or sad depending on the zip code.  Libraries are examples of democracy because they allow people of all socio-economic backgrounds to enjoy access to great literature and access to the internet.  And I still cannot get over you can check out books for free.  What a concept.

For the past 15 to 20 years libraries across the nation have seen budget cuts that are so harsh eventually each institution must decide whether or not to hire a credentialed librarian.  Yep, most elementary, middle, and high schools have gotten rid of their school librarians.  You would think a school librarian would be one of the most important educational positions at a school but unfortunately since there is no way to measure their performance–using test scores– librarians across the nation were given their walking papers.  Schools–you know institutions of learning– have removed librarians from their libraries.  Genius.

Most librarians have been replaced with library technicians aka cheap labor.  Check them in.  Check them out.  Keep them in order and occasionally dust.  No need to curate a school library when you can get it for cheap.   And now schools have decided to redesign their libraries…get rid of their collection to make room for storage.

You know what kind of schools don’t have libraries? Poor schools. Underprivileged communities and who needs access to good books at school after all?

If you don’t have a library with a credentialed librarian at your children’s schools then you are getting “screwed” by your school principal and school district’s superintendent.  I teach at a top rated high school in the United States.  There are million dollar homes across the street from our school.  Parents rent apartments so as to enroll their children in a superior public high school but for some reason there is no money available to care for our school library.

Our high school library has been recently destroyed by a group of administrative morons.  They have lied and fabricated a myriad of ridiculous reasons to diminish the size of our library collection “cuz those books are old”.   Dismantling a library is never a solution to any problem.  As a matter of fact it is creating a list of problems beginning with: it is a fucking horrible idea disguised as a logical solution.


Happy What?

It’s officially 2017 and I am in no mood to see or speak to anyone except my dog “Brownie”. A lot of people think I spent my New Year’s at a Hollywood party making out with a movie star but instead I stayed home sick.

Sick of everything. Things got so bleak I brought in the New Year watching CNN.  “Brownie” loves Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin New Year’s Eve tomfoolery.  And now what?  I’ve got an empty stomach cuz of the flu.  I cannot take one more episode of “Game of Thrones”.  I got so desperate I even started watching “Girls”and then I realized I wanted them all killed off in season one.


PEOTUS = Sad Face

I no longer feel broken.  I have gathered my thoughts.

Holy Shit Batman did you hear who is going to be the next President of the United States of America?  Well here’s your first clue: you loved him in his hit reality show series on NBC “The Apprentice”.

If you guessed  “Tiny Hands” Donald Trump than you are correct.  Donald Trump is irresistible and that is troubling.  Seriously I have bruises on my arms because I keep pinching myself trying to wake myself from this nightmare.  And listen I’m not for the lesser of two evils or care that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost.  I am having a hard time understanding how some people cried.  Some people are still crying.  I want to punch something.  (I don’t cuz I’m a wimp who is adverse to creating unnecessary pain.)

I wonder what the 41% of those Americans who didn’t vote feel?  I like to think the people who didn’t vote just couldn’t stomach exerting any amount of effort for either candidate and decided to stay home with their family putting those finishing touches on their bomb shelter.  .

Reality Show “America:We Kick Ass!”

In just a few more days it will be official who our next Commender in Chief will be.
It looks pretty evident from where I’m standing in California that it will be a mixed bag
of results. Seriously, who is going to go the polls to vote for these two horrific human “beans”? One has a serious personality disorder and the other one has a mental disorder including war hawkish tendencies. But on the bright side they’re both pathological liars. What could possibly go wrong in the next four years?

Good luck America. While corporate interests continue to override your American dream both candidates have pledged to kick someone’s ass cuz who needs a “jobs program” when we can have interventionist wars throughout the world?  And we can make it into a reality show entitled “America: We Kick Ass!” (Just ask any Native American.)