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Breaking News: Bernie!

President Obama just announced “I’m with Her” which comes as no surprise.

Sander’s conversation today with President Obama “was a friendly conversation…about our future” stated Press Secretary Josh Earnest.  He continued, “Sanders was able to inspire many people” and highlighted how can Obama and Sanders continue to work together to ensure Sander’s supporters will stay connected.  In other words: Will Bernie supporters be able to support Hillary?

Bernie has leverage right now!  He has the ear of the President and the Democratic leadership so what is Bernie’s next move?  He’s definitely going to the convention but will we ever hear him announce, “I’m with her”?  (Which “her”?) Only time will tell.

Senator Bernie Sanders is not a perfect candidate. He does indeed have his shortcomings but he has the vision that is most reflective of a progressive movement.   The dream is  America could be a nation that responds to the needs of the people rather than a country who serves the needs of corporate America.The Sander’s campaign has changed the course of our future.

I know this election is historic since Hillary Clinton is female but let us not forget Jill Stein is a lady woman too.  The race continues.



Lit Fest Pasadena

Saturday June 4th Lit Fest Pasadena will be on fire!  The authors and panels looLalo-Alcaraz-bookk fantastic! I will be moderating “Comedy in the Age of Trump” with Lalo Alcaraz the creator of the first nationally syndicated, politically themed Latino daily comic strip, La Cucaracha, seen in scores of newspapers including the Los Angeles Times. He has produced editorial cartoons for the LA Weekly since 1992 and also creates editorial cartoons in English and Spanish for Universal. He is on the faculty at Otis College of Art & Design and is the host of The Pocho Hour of Power on KPFK.

Jimmy-Dore-bookJimmy Dore is the star of several Comedy Central specials, author of the best seller Your Country Is Just Not That Into You, a writer performer for the Off-Broadway hit The Marijuana-Logues, the host of his own weekly radio show in Los Angeles, and on air host for The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world. His latest effort Sentenced To Live is Jimmy’s most powerful Hour of Stand-Up comedy to date. He effortlessly skewers our corporate media and bought politicians as he holds a mirror up to American culture. Citizen Jimmy is the award-winning one-hour Comedy Central Special that was chosen Best Of 2008 by iTunes, and was named one the the top 5 comedy DVDs of the year by Punchline Magazine. Jimmy’s everyman style and razor-sharp material draws people in and has made him one of fastest rising stars in comedy today.

And maybe a special guest…or two.

California Feeling the Bern for All the Right Reasons

It turns out Ms. Zamorano has connections.  After years living with my husband and his constant questioning of authority and breaking rules because his father is a retired cop I knew that whatever it took no matter how long the line was I had to get into the event or bribe my way in.  (I know its not exactly what the Bernie Sanders campaign would authorize but seriously I drove all the way from Pasadena to Santa Monica at four pm  during traffic.  I was getting in even with the first hand knowledge of a two mile long line.)

My husband said, “Park the car here and I’ll see you inside.”

I gathered my gear and forgetting my water behind in the car something I regretted immediately as he sped away to find the entrance for the journalists.  I spotted a policeman at the front of the gate and asked him where the entrance parking for the news crews and he immediately took a call on his walkie.  I stood at the entrance now looking like I belonged.  A secret that my husband taught me years ago.  Look like you’re suppose to be here and you are.

IMG_485740567I eventually made my way through the long maze of a line to get into the stadium.  Used the public bathrooms early and almost lost my phone right below.  Yuck.  That was a close one.

I entered the stadium.  My first Bernie Sanders just then  a text from “my number one husband” that I had a press pass waiting for me.  Yes.  I was reporting and I walked away with quite the scoop.

Bernie continues to change the course of the conversation to envision a country that invests in our future.  He faces a ton of opposition but the revolution has begun.

Come on California we can make a difference June 7th!

The Bern for Real!

First off I have a long history of avoiding old men.  I know, I know, it sounds horrible but there are some people that are “chick magnets ” I’m an “old man magnet”.  It is as if I have a sign saying, “talk to me, please talk to me and tell me trite old jokes that make me wince with pain but often provoke a courteous chuckle.”  Exit stage left. So… I usually avoid contact with old men.  Yes I’m an agist but for good reasons.

And then in a flash my life changed forever.  It happened and it happened at 3pm on March 23rd: I met Senator Bernie Sanders!  Yes ladies and gentlemen dreams do come true.  The stars aligned and I heard myself saying, “Senator Bernie Sanders I’m an American Mexican and I love YOU!”

And then…

With secret service men all around “Bernie” put his arms out and open and poof in a flash  I was being hugged by Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.  That’s right the Bernie Sanders.  You know the man I’ve been writing about.  What are the odds?

Stop. Rewind.  It is March 23rd and you would see me wearing a Bernie T-shirt saying,”Senator Bernie Sanders I’m an American Mexican and I love YOU!” And then he was swept away by the crowd on route to the Wiltern for his rally.

I can’t stop thinking about Bernie.  And I know it is just a matter of time until our paths cross again.

To be continued…

*California Presidential Primary scheduled for June 7th!


Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day and the DNC

Yes I watched the Democratic Debate along with 15 million other people. I guess the entire event was planned by Ms. Debbie  Wasserman Schultz chair of the DNC. Wow. Way to go Deb! What a collection of dullards huh?   But I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I. Let us begin with Sheryl Crow. I like Sheryl Crow. I have nothing against Sheryl Crow but with all the talent we have in the United States the Democratic party decided to go with a Sheryl Crow? I’m sure glad theDemocrats committed to their theme of “more white people with white hair please!”

They could have gone with Christina Aguilera– she’s got white hair too–except she’s Ecuadoran.  I guess too ethnic. Seriously why not anyone else? Maybe next time the national anthem will be played by a band of Mariachi’s and really freak out conservatives.
Now I was relieved by the civility and cordiality each Democrat running for president demonstrated. Sure Lincoln Chafee, is a nice dude, just impromptu public speaking may not be his thing.

Then there was, “I have a long history of working with the situation of black Americans”, a stand out quote by Jim Webb. Another nice white dude. And then we have Martin O”Malley another nice white dude running for President. All pretty vanilla.  (I know. I know we have a president who is half black and white so shut up already.)
Yes Bernie Sanders did a great job getting his message out. They all felt the Burn. And former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood her ground in a fabulous capish pant suit. I loved the color and the cut of the suit it worked!  Yes I know it sounds images-1sexist bringing this up but we were all thinking it.

In the mean time, I still can’t wait until the next Democratic White People Debate!  Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day everybody!

Trump Card

If you tuned into the GOP debate last week on FOX pretend NEWS channel you must have noticed that the audience LOVED TRUMP!

He could do no wrong.  Even when Megan Kelly quoted him calling some women, “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals”,  the crowd went wild!

Ha, Ha, Ha, we are fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Ha, Ha, Ha!  Women suck!  I heart misogyny!

Maybe I’ve been drinking too many gin martinis and smoking way too much pot but Donald Trump is looking good. He still is way out in front of all other GOPeer’s. He’s kicking ass and taking names not even Chuck Todd can stop him.

The Donald seems to know exactly what America wants. A shit kicking loud mouth; he will tell women how and when they can have birth control, first day in office he’ll throw out all those no good illegals and their “anchor babies”, he also won’t let anyone try to abort an “anchor baby” cuz whose going to build that wall?

Trump already knows that when he’s in office he’ll handle ISIS.  He’ll make a great commander in chief after serving NEVER in the military due to a bone spur in his foot. Then he wants to totally get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something spectacular. Plus after he does that he’s going to go back to Iraq and take the oil. Just take it cuz we have to take care of our wounded soldiers and we need the oil cuz we’re America!

I’m so excited about Donald Trump for president I practically have blood coming out of my eyes and other places.

My Mother Warned Me About Men Like YOU: Scott Walker

Have you ever stopped and thought what it must be like living next door to the United States?  The land of “opportunidad”?

We’ve got a super cool country –los Esatados Unidos– and you’re not invited. Lo Siento Mexico. We’re Closed Amigos.

Sure you can try to come here. Even if that life means working for slave labor wages, live in deplorable conditions (because the people in power really need to turn a profit) and have your families torn apart.  That’s just good economics America!

Last week, Scott Walker was asked, by a 13 year old American girl, why he voted against Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.

His response was simple: DAPA was not really following the law and Scott Walker is a god loving law following hypocrite. Walker continued saying, “in America nobody’s above the law.”

So instead of addressing the topic of deportation and being left fatherless, Walker stated that he hoped kids like Leslie and her seven year old little brother would learn in school that “the President and the Congress have to work together.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has no answers or good ideas –which is easily highlighted by his $2.2 billion dollar deficit, ranked 40th in job creation, and last in new business startups. He’s no friend of hardworking Americans. He still is proposing $300 million in additional cuts from the Wisconsin’s prized public university system, and millions more from K-12 education, outdoor recreation and conservation!

t1larg.dga-walker-ad.t1largHey Wisconsin wake up!  Governor Scott Walker doesn’t want you to get ahead or even able to enjoy your parks.

Scott Walker’s best ideas have screwed the everyday citizen in Wisconsin but that’s not enough. He’s not satisfied plundering Wisconsin’s economy he wants to take down the entire “U.S. of A”.

Scott Walker is what my mother warned me about. He won’t stop until he uses you like his little Piñata America. So be careful and wear protection.

Torture vs Forsyte Saga?

Let’s all remember as my husband likes to say to strangers on Facebook, “Your pain is ordinary”.  Yikes.

I am soooo miserable and have been avoiding my misery that instead of writing about the tragic path our country is on I’ve decided to do what all of America is doing: watching as much inane online entertainment as possible!  Hoping this will help to drown out all those nasty truths about water boarding techniques endorsed by the United States of America.

There is a lot of pain in the world and even my little insignificant problems or life snafu’s are closing in on me.  Gulp.  I need to make some life changing decisions or be miserable for another ten years.

So my remedy for all the overwhelming feelings I’ve been experiencing I am BINGING on The Frosyte Saga!  And loving it.   Its from the early 2000s you know from the turn of the century.  It takes place during the 1920s in aristocratic England. (Ah the good ole days.)

I loved the filming, the production design and the “novella’esque” experience it provides.  I hate, loathe, and despise a despicable “Soames” played by DAMIAN LEWIS.  Each time he’s onscreen he grabs my attention because I cannot stand him and his villainy.

Sure our country admits to TORTURE, more innocent boys murdered by our militarized police force, Ferguson is on fire and lives are unraveling in real life due to the deeply embedded racism in our country.

But I can escape it all.  I can put my focus on a twisted aristocratic English family and all of their problems, like marrying your cousin and every one is cool with it cuz at least the money and name will stay intact.

I don’t have to go to bed thinking about the loss of morality in our nation.  I can lay my head down on the pillow hoping the Forsytes will overcome one more tragic “fictional”death.

My husband got sick during the middle of Season 2 which was great luck for me because I could sit beside him and occasionally rub his shoulders or his back to help him relax and fall asleep.  Wow what a wife.  He slept for hours last Saturday and Sunday which allowed me ample opportunity to complete two full seasons of pure cinematic entertainment.  Sheer bliss.

And then yesterday…It seems like a dream.  My husband is still on the mend from his illness.  As one character after one character unexpectedly dies from illnesses.  As my husband’s health begins to improve the Saga becomes my every waking thought.  I wonder if that one man is going to die before he tells her or if she dies will they ever know that boy is his and if the baby dies will that bring them together?

And then poof.  I wasn’t expecting it.  My own fault.  I wasn’t keeping track and it did say “Season Four” and I did note there were only four episodes… I was just in denial.  The season ended and I haven’t stopped crying.  What am I crying about?  Ficitional characters who loved and lost and never got it right like so many of us.  An I cry for regret.  I regret moments of my life and years of my life and my youth that I hold so tightly onto.  Because when we are young life looks sweeter and love burns brighter.

Ah regret.  I wonder if America will regret our sadistic behavior after 9/11?  (Ugh back to reality. )

Arne Duncan Secretary of Corporate Education

ball-swimming-pool-6302531Even though I do not get paid during my two months off from work I am still enjoying my summer vacation.    And if you are a parent who has a teenager – with their hormonal mood changes and lack of problem solving skills – you can understand that teaching over a 180 teenagers Monday through Friday just might kill you.

The most challenging part of teaching is preparing kids for tests.  You know how important standardized tests are right?  They’re not.  How often to you go to parties and start talking about your SAT scores?  And if you are a grown up and still tout your SAT score you need an intervention to help you become a more interesting person. Tests only test a narrow window of critical thinking skills and ultimately undermines the importance of educating our children something unfortunately our Secretary of Education Arne Duncan does not understand.

And don’t get me started on Race to the Top or Common Core Tests. Keep in mind those who have access to technology and the internet will be more successful.  That’s right, once again, these new fangled tests will reward those who have access and penalize those who come from impoverished communities…go figure.

Secretary of Corporate Education clarifying how much teaching experience he has.
Secretary of Corporate Education clarifying how much teaching experience he has.

Why Obama selected this windbag is beyond me.  Arne Duncan has no teaching experience if he does they keep it secret.  In 1992, childhood friend and investment banker John W. Rogers, Jr., appointed Duncan director of the Ariel Education Initiative, a program mentoring children at one of the city’s worst-performing elementary schools. And guess what happened next.

After the school closed in 1996, Duncan and Rogers were instrumental in re-opening it as a charter school, Ariel Community Academy.[3] In 1999, Duncan was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for former Chicago Public Schools I guess because he was so successful in Chicago  and now he’s our countries Secretary of EDUCATION because he has absolutely no experience.


If Arne Duncan has no real practical pedagogical experience why would he be tapped to be the Secretary of Education? A.  Cuz he’s a corporatist tool, B. He can undermine the countries confidence in public education and vilify the unions so he can do what he does best in education to close more schools and privatize privatize privatize, C. all of the above.

facebook_imageAfter everything has been said and “tested” I give Secretary of Corporate Education a Big Fucking F.

Adios Muchachos!

d51f93c8ba240d24015085b4329f0d21Recently on Meet the Press while discussing the growing number of children seeking asylum in our country, Raul Labrador, U.S. Representative for Idaho’s 1st congressional district recommended, “…our country needs to immediately deport these children back to their country.” He continued, “I know it sounds difficult but they are creating a crisis at this time and it actually is harming the children”…huh?

Dear Mr. Labrador and every other gutless asshole who wants to send these victims back to a horrific situation that isn’t changing anytime soon, maybe instead of visiting the border for a photo op you should actually go to Central America and try to exist.

So what’s it going to be America?  Are you going to welcome these refugees from Central America or are you going to turn these children away cuz they are inconvenient and too costly.  I guess WE can’t afford to be compassionate humanitarians.

But we can afford to: Subsidize Fortune 500 companies like Walmart.  (FYI Walmart workers cost taxpayers $6.2 billion in public assistance annually.)  Oh and we are spending 2 billion dollars a day on things that go “boom”.

Now let me get my facts straight: We can subsidize Wallmart, spread “Democracy” –by occupying other countries –but when people like what we are peddling throughout the world, aka “Democracy”, and then come knocking on our door we say, “You are breaking laws by crossing the border to afford yourself a better life and sure you’re five years old so here’s some freshly laundered clothing, some Snapple and now go back to where you belong muchacho!  We are closed for business!  But, if you have some valuable resources– such as oil–we may be able to help you out and invade your country to spread “Democracy”. Wink, wink.ChildrenSupportImmigrants072514