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Let Them Eat Diamonds!

Things are falling apart and I just cannot bring myself to read about the crazy making government destroying machine that is happening in our country.  Its not that my head is in the sand– it is just I cannot take it any more…at least not today.

All you have to do is read the headlines shouting, “Meals on Wheels and Medicaid will be Gutted”. Or if Barron and Melania lived in D.C. for only six days important programs that help those less fortunate in our society could stay funded.  What a concept.  Government for the people, by the people taking care of people.  That sounds weird.

How can I look anyone in the eye today and say, “Have a good day, even though our country is in a mid-death spiral, other than that,  have a good day.”  I can’t even get out of my pajamas it is that bad.

So instead I am on my couch sitting next to my dog and there is a light drizzle outside.  I contemplate the plight of the human race.  And then I came upon this…

Now I feel so much better cuz I’m experiencing what so many people are experiencing:  Butterfly Brain.

Reality Show “America:We Kick Ass!”

In just a few more days it will be official who our next Commender in Chief will be.
It looks pretty evident from where I’m standing in California that it will be a mixed bag
of results. Seriously, who is going to go the polls to vote for these two horrific human “beans”? One has a serious personality disorder and the other one has a mental disorder including war hawkish tendencies. But on the bright side they’re both pathological liars. What could possibly go wrong in the next four years?

Good luck America. While corporate interests continue to override your American dream both candidates have pledged to kick someone’s ass cuz who needs a “jobs program” when we can have interventionist wars throughout the world?  And we can make it into a reality show entitled “America: We Kick Ass!” (Just ask any Native American.)

Draft Dodging Donald & War Hawk Hillary

Here we are less than two months away from the presidentia election and Draft Dodging Donald is somehow exposed as the worse “human bean”– cuz he’s recorded saying apparent vulgarities such as “grabbing pussy” and “on it like a bitch”.


It wasn’t his hateful accusations about Muslims, or indictments against Mexicans or how there are too many “Pigs, slobs and dogs”  aka unattractive bitches.   What really turned up the heat on the Trump campaign is his recorded disregard for women and disrespectful boastfulness that he likes to call “locker room talk”.   Are we really surprised?

Then there’s the newest installment of  Wikleaks highlighting even more disturbing details regarding unethical practices and a racist culture inside the Clinton Campaign.  Some will say, “no one is perfect” but holy crap the level of corruption Clinton’s Campaign apparently is well versed on bending the rules to play the game and win.

After watching tonight’s debate am I suppose to feel good about the direction our country is headed because I definitely don’t feel good.   160926-debate-start-5-feature

Neither candidate can provide the type of leadership our country deserves.  Trump and Hillary are both corporatists.  They’re loyal to corporations not to people.

The only future these two candidates are able to provide will be more wars, more financial corruption and more enslavement to low earning jobs which will exploit the working class brown people.

unknownI’m voting for Dr. Jill Stein.   I know there are people that say, “Voting third party is irresponsible and dangerous”.

My friend or amigo let me delicately state: You have been fully indoctrinated by corporate America. You have swallowed their propaganda and you continue to justify your anti third party argument believing Hillary Clinton is the only solution and Donald Trump will wreck our country.   You are –what I refer to as–a delusional pragmatist.  Hillary Clinton is not a leader.  She doesn’t defend or protect the working class as a matter of fact she is a war profiteer and has a pretty snug relationship with Wall Street.  Trump is no better  and just based on his temperament he is a certifiable “mental case”.

This Presidential Election we should come together and support Dr. Jill Stein.  If not now?  When?

Filibustering Right Now

You might not be able to tell but I’m “Filibustering” right now in the privacy of my own home.
According to Filibuster-As a verb, filibuster means “to obstruct legislation by talking at great length.”  As a parliamentary tactic, the filibuster dates back to at least the first century B.C.E. The rules of the Roman Senate required that all business must be completed by nightfall, and, on more than one occasion, the senator Cato the Younger spoke until dark to delay a vote. In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a minister may “talk out” a bill, but his speech must pertain to the bill. In the United States, by contrast, a Senator may forestall action on a bill by speaking on any topic.

Right now Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut is making his case and we are already three hours and 21 minutes into this filibuster regarding gun control.  The Orlando nightclub murders reminds America that random acts of violence can happen to anyone and just maybe we need to have greater gun control legislation to prevent maniacs from destroying peoples’ lives with the use of “automatic weapons”.

Will the Democrats be successful with their “No fly, No buy” response to gun control or will they be shot down?


The Return of Paul Ryan!

“You wanna bet?”  My husband suddenly announced.

“Sure?”I was up for the challenge.

And then my husband said, “One thousand dollars.”


“Yeah, why not?” He went on,  “If you’re so sure that Paul Ryan will be the next Presidential Candidate for the Republicans…”

“But we’ve never used money when we bet,” I reminded my hubby,”We’re married.  I give you a thousand or you give me a thousand it still goes into the same account.”

“One thousand dollars.” Agreed.

Sure.  This is a no brainer.  Just check out Paul Ryan’s propaganda machine at work.

This “confident” man and the machine behind this man is getting ready to unify the Grand Ole Party.  And he’s already earned the endorsement of great men like Mitt Romney (Republican 2012 Loser).

We all remember when Mitt Romney slipped when announcing Paul Ryan but we all knew that Paul Ryan really really really wanted to become president and here’s his big chance once again.  He’s the fresh young face of conservative America with a hilarious beard that shows us he’s old enough to grow one and he looks so much wiser too.

I don’t think Donald, John, or Ted will be around much longer but it was fun.  You know like all the fun racist comments and dumb arguing about who is the better candidate and who isn’t?  Yeah, that kind of good stupid fun before it got crazy-ugly-violent.

“Bye bye Kasitch”, “Auf Wiedersehen Trump” and “Adios Cruz!”  It was fun while it lasted but I think when I say this: I speak on behalf of many relieved Americans that they don’t love Paul Ryan but they don’t hate him.

His new motto to really attract the undecided voter could be something catchy like this:  Paul Ryan he has a beard and is a lot better than those other guys!


American Dream Price Tag

If you are willing to do just about anything to earn a higher grade in school you should stop and figure out why?  Why are you so bent on earning the highest grade in all of your classes because I have yet to be persuaded that this  is the way to go in life.  Sure I get it some of you may come from families that anything less than a A is shameful.  On the other hand I cannot get over how kid’s in high school cheat willy-nilly in upper level courses at a higher rate than kids enrolled in general level courses.

Ultimately sure schools may boast of their growing Advanced Placement programs available while at the same time their student body throws the dice to see how long can they cheat using notes, technology, whatever means to earn a higher score they are more than happy to do so but here is the part that is a real eye opener:  student’s do not feel shame for cheating for higher grades they view it as something everyone does so there is no real problem since everyone is doing it.

So in a system that is predicated on grades that represent a student’s academic intellectual ability ultimately this model is easily corrupted and all along the real lesson is economic.  We are creating a culture of cheating because it is for a worthy cause: college tuition.  Would we have rampant cheating if the cost of college tuition in America wasn’t creating a whole group of monetary indentured slaves who leave college with mounds of debt and no real job opportunities!

There was a time when adults still lived at home it was because they were fuck ups but now it just means they graduated college and hoping for the American Dream to be less pricey.

CEOs Doing the Crime But NOT Doing the Time

Hey America! Here is a fun fact:

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG have agreed to plead guilty to felony charges and pay billions in criminal fines. The offenses range from manipulating the value of dollars and euros to rigging interest rates. Isn’t that neat?

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland will pay fines totaling $2.5 billion to the Justice Department. In addition, the Federal Reserve is imposing fines of more than $1.6 billion on the five banks. So they probably won’t ever do that again.
Michael Corbat Citigroup (CEO), James Dimon JPMorgan Chase (CEO), Antony Jenkins Barclays (CEO), Ross Maxwell McEwan (CEO) of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) and Sergio Ermotti UBS (CEO).  These turds are a bunch of white collar criminals who allow their banking institutions to continue unethical practices because all they have to do is pay billions of criminal fines out of the profits they illegally procured duh!

They’re doing the crime but they are not doing the time.

Did you know that Iceland didn’t bail out their banks?   Instead their country helped the citizens and forced the banks to bailout the people, making the banks write off the mortgages of their citizens. Only three banks remain but under the control of their government.

And did you know…
Vietnam sentenced a director of a Vietnam Bank to death for fake loans amounting to 89 million dollars. (Two other Vietnam bankers were sentenced to death.  Sounds barbaric or does it?)   In China, economic crimes are subject to a range of harsh penalties, including death.

I am not for torture. I am not for the death penalty. But it would be nice if these bankers resisted arrest.   And I doubt anyone would riot if a volunteer deputy accidentally gunned down a couple of bank CEOs. A Mexican girl can dream can’t she?

Cheaters Race to the Top!

Have you ever cheated on a test? Come on. You can tell me.
Are you one of the people that cheated on your drivers license test? Some of my closest friends cheated on this simple test.

My husband asks, “Does anyone ever fail the drivers test –cuz it seems– like anyone can get a license.”

I say we are a culture who is perfectly cool with cheating and getting away with it is how you get ahead. Right. One doesn’t have to look very hard to find examples of rampant cheating, lying, breaking the rules and never having to face justice! Unless of course you’re named Martha Stewart. She’s a convicted felon.

This past week in Atlanta, Georgia 11 educators — mostly African Americans that worked in impoverished communities–are now facing up to twenty years in prison for A. cheating on standardized tests, B. racketeering C. all of the above. They are taking the fall for a broken system a.k.a. No Child Left Behind that encouraged cheating especially at poor schools.

Two facts about No Child Left Behind:
1.  The end goal was that every child would be proficient in reading and math by 2014. Yeah, that didn’t happen and
2.  No Child Left Behind really meant no child left untested.

FACT: States on average spend 1.7 billion dollars a year on standardized testing. 1.7 billion dollars a year what a scam!

University of Georgia law professor Ron Carlson said, “It has to send a message to educators and broadly across the nation. Playing with students test scores is very, very dangerous business.”

Yeah but starting an illegal war, torturing and bragging about it is A+ okay. Or if you’re Wall Street no worries. See banks are too big to “nail” right?

We get it. We get it. There is a two tier legal system. One for regular folk and one for the billionaires that continue to increase their fortunes on the backs of the working class and the working poor.

Good thing these 11 educators will soon be sent to the big house! I’m glad they threw the book at them…educators. Now I’ll be able to sleep a lot better knowing that JP MORGAN CEO Jamie Dimon is still a free man!

Adrian Peterson Thinks He’s Not a Child Abuser!

I just finished reading Adrian Peterson’s open letter to the Viking’s organization and the world and he actually states, “I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser.”

Someone who beats their child is the very definition of a CHILD ABUSER!

Mr. Peterson goes on to say, “I am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury.”  Really?  I find that hard to believe since doesn’t the evidence show that Mr. Peterson used a “switch” to punish his son.  He didn’t tickle his son with the “switch” but he repeatedly struck his four year old son.    Adrian Peterson, professional football champion, uses physical force to beat his little son and somehow concludes that he is NOT an abuser.

What kind of human being is able to beat a little child and then pretend it is acceptable behavior.  Answer: a star football player named Adrian Peterson.

He continues to defend his behavior saying, “I know that many people disagree with the way I disciplined my child. I also understand after meeting with a psychologist that there are other alternative ways of disciplining a child that may be more appropriate.”

Really?  I am expected to believe he met with a psychologist who provided “may be more appropriate” than cruelly beating the shit out of his tiny son.

“I have learned a lot and have had to reevaluate how I discipline my son going forward”, he continued saying,  “But deep in my heart I have always believed I could have been one of those kids that was lost in the streets without the discipline instilled in me by my parents and other relatives. I have always believed that the way my parents disciplined me has a great deal to do with the success I have enjoyed as a man. ”

See everybody “deep” in his “heart” he believes that this type of violence has helped him be a successful professional football player who happens to beat his son.  Got it.

Peterson writes, “I accept the fact that people feel very strongly about this issue and what they think about my conduct.”  Oh, he’s cool with the way we feel about his conduct. Wow that’s a nice euphemism for ABUSE.

I think each man in the NFL who supports Mr. Adrian Peterson first needs to allow him to take a “switch” to their scrotums and then let them weigh in on his “conduct”.

Arne Duncan Secretary of Corporate Education

ball-swimming-pool-6302531Even though I do not get paid during my two months off from work I am still enjoying my summer vacation.    And if you are a parent who has a teenager – with their hormonal mood changes and lack of problem solving skills – you can understand that teaching over a 180 teenagers Monday through Friday just might kill you.

The most challenging part of teaching is preparing kids for tests.  You know how important standardized tests are right?  They’re not.  How often to you go to parties and start talking about your SAT scores?  And if you are a grown up and still tout your SAT score you need an intervention to help you become a more interesting person. Tests only test a narrow window of critical thinking skills and ultimately undermines the importance of educating our children something unfortunately our Secretary of Education Arne Duncan does not understand.

And don’t get me started on Race to the Top or Common Core Tests. Keep in mind those who have access to technology and the internet will be more successful.  That’s right, once again, these new fangled tests will reward those who have access and penalize those who come from impoverished communities…go figure.

Secretary of Corporate Education clarifying how much teaching experience he has.
Secretary of Corporate Education clarifying how much teaching experience he has.

Why Obama selected this windbag is beyond me.  Arne Duncan has no teaching experience if he does they keep it secret.  In 1992, childhood friend and investment banker John W. Rogers, Jr., appointed Duncan director of the Ariel Education Initiative, a program mentoring children at one of the city’s worst-performing elementary schools. And guess what happened next.

After the school closed in 1996, Duncan and Rogers were instrumental in re-opening it as a charter school, Ariel Community Academy.[3] In 1999, Duncan was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for former Chicago Public Schools I guess because he was so successful in Chicago  and now he’s our countries Secretary of EDUCATION because he has absolutely no experience.


If Arne Duncan has no real practical pedagogical experience why would he be tapped to be the Secretary of Education? A.  Cuz he’s a corporatist tool, B. He can undermine the countries confidence in public education and vilify the unions so he can do what he does best in education to close more schools and privatize privatize privatize, C. all of the above.

facebook_imageAfter everything has been said and “tested” I give Secretary of Corporate Education a Big Fucking F.