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America GASPED!

President Donald Trump blames “both sides”  Charlottesville violence.  What?  Huh?  He waited until Tuesday August 15th to let the country and world know he’s incapable of leading our country when faced with real problems.  He is a nut job.  He has a mental disorder which has allowed him to be successful.  Please do not argue he has or hasn’t been successful– he’s the President of the United States and the Democrats LOST TO HIM!

If you are a sane person then you can see that Donald Trump is a severely damaged human being.  He is a case study of a personality disorder which includes racist tendencies.  It flies off of him.  He is the same man that led the birther movement.  He is the same man that promoted violence at his rallies.  He is the same man that suggested to his crowds to turn on journalists.  And after all of his hateful vitriol he still won.

So can we also agree that the Democratic Party is the reason why we are here.  No kidding right? Look at him.  Look at that mug.  He has all the swagger you would expect from a draft dodging white nationalist dude.  Thank you Hillary Clinton.  Thanks Nancy Pelosi.  Thanks Chucky Schumer.  Thanks Donna Brazil.  Thanks Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Thanks Obama.

We didn’t beg for Donald Trump but your big Democratic idea was to shove HRC down our throats and you decided we should fall in line and vote for the lesser of two evils.  Great idea.  You never came to get my vote.

So now we can all wake up Wednesday morning trying to emotionally prepare for the Trump Shit Storm and his justification for violence.  Here is your big chance Dems to

Good Night America

I know there are thousands and thousands of people who are stunned by the election results.  I was not prepared at all.  I wasn’t overly confident.  I mean I was just hoping Jill Stein would somehow make progress.  Trump is about to speak at his election headquarters.  Right now Trump has 257 Electoral Votes and Hillary has 215!


11:50 pm and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump and conceded.  He is about to speak to the United States and I’m perplexed.  Oh there’s Michael Pence strutting across the stage with his family and boy that fellar is next in line to become president.  wow.

“This is a historic night and the American people have spoken and elected a new champion.”

Pence looks pretty scared and shocked as he looks into the crowd wearing “Make America Great Again” red caps chanting “USA, USA, USA”.

It is my high honor and distinct privilege ‘introduce the President Elect of the United States of America Donald Trump.

Good night America.

Filibustering Right Now

You might not be able to tell but I’m “Filibustering” right now in the privacy of my own home.
According to Filibuster-As a verb, filibuster means “to obstruct legislation by talking at great length.”  As a parliamentary tactic, the filibuster dates back to at least the first century B.C.E. The rules of the Roman Senate required that all business must be completed by nightfall, and, on more than one occasion, the senator Cato the Younger spoke until dark to delay a vote. In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a minister may “talk out” a bill, but his speech must pertain to the bill. In the United States, by contrast, a Senator may forestall action on a bill by speaking on any topic.

Right now Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut is making his case and we are already three hours and 21 minutes into this filibuster regarding gun control.  The Orlando nightclub murders reminds America that random acts of violence can happen to anyone and just maybe we need to have greater gun control legislation to prevent maniacs from destroying peoples’ lives with the use of “automatic weapons”.

Will the Democrats be successful with their “No fly, No buy” response to gun control or will they be shot down?


Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day and the DNC

Yes I watched the Democratic Debate along with 15 million other people. I guess the entire event was planned by Ms. Debbie  Wasserman Schultz chair of the DNC. Wow. Way to go Deb! What a collection of dullards huh?   But I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I. Let us begin with Sheryl Crow. I like Sheryl Crow. I have nothing against Sheryl Crow but with all the talent we have in the United States the Democratic party decided to go with a Sheryl Crow? I’m sure glad theDemocrats committed to their theme of “more white people with white hair please!”

They could have gone with Christina Aguilera– she’s got white hair too–except she’s Ecuadoran.  I guess too ethnic. Seriously why not anyone else? Maybe next time the national anthem will be played by a band of Mariachi’s and really freak out conservatives.
Now I was relieved by the civility and cordiality each Democrat running for president demonstrated. Sure Lincoln Chafee, is a nice dude, just impromptu public speaking may not be his thing.

Then there was, “I have a long history of working with the situation of black Americans”, a stand out quote by Jim Webb. Another nice white dude. And then we have Martin O”Malley another nice white dude running for President. All pretty vanilla.  (I know. I know we have a president who is half black and white so shut up already.)
Yes Bernie Sanders did a great job getting his message out. They all felt the Burn. And former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood her ground in a fabulous capish pant suit. I loved the color and the cut of the suit it worked!  Yes I know it sounds images-1sexist bringing this up but we were all thinking it.

In the mean time, I still can’t wait until the next Democratic White People Debate!  Happy Belated Indigenous People’s Day everybody!

GOP Practices Abstinence From Facts

Hey Ladies!  I just caught a glance of a few headlines on “Huff Po.” And I’m sure glad that this- hard hitting website- is not only able to inform the public about world events that effect all of us; but they take the time to also highlight the most HIDEOUS SPOUSES OF CELEBRITIES!

If they’re not examining “Who has the ugliest spouse?” I can always depend on being shocked by the newest photo of ill-fitting clothing on a beautiful woman that accentuates the reality of having an imperfect body. Gross! Or if I’m really lucky I can catch a glimpse of a woman able to nurse two kids at once! Genius!

We all can agree that conservatives continue to “Wage a War on Women’s Rights”… but now even our liberal news sites are far worse because of all of their salacious links that sexualize and demean women.  (War on Women? What fun.)

Not all women, just women who are ugly or once beautiful and now ugly or suffer from cellulite –all very news worthy items.

I guess it is hard to take women seriously when they’re fat, ugly and old.  On the bright side its 2015 and we’re still fighting to protect women’s rights!

Did you catch the circus on CSPAN this past week?  Oh, the conservative lunatics in Washington were foaming at the mouth and even their eyes were twitching cuz they knew that everybody was going to be talking about how very smart they are and how they really gave it to the blonde chick who runs Planned Parenthood.  The stand out lead actor in our play was my favorite actor in a mini series: Jason Chaffetz all the way from Utah.dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

This past week, House Oversight chairman Jason “asswipe” Chaffetz (R Utah) interrogated Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards  which only solidified that conservatives really do practice abstinence…from facts. And Ms. Richards answered each question with poise and wasn’t ruffled by the transparent behavior of the white dominant culture that is super cool with Fascism.  She had facts and was very forthcoming no matter what type of question about the “Congo” they might mutter or about her income that she earns from killing babies.

During Jason Chaffetz’s cross examination of Cecille Richards she pretty much man handled him with her articulate manner and use of facts.  Cecile Richard’s use of logic left Jason Chaffetz with his “dick in his hand” and egg on his face! But it was an unfertilized egg on his face so that makes it okay.  Am I right ladies?

Trump Card

If you tuned into the GOP debate last week on FOX pretend NEWS channel you must have noticed that the audience LOVED TRUMP!

He could do no wrong.  Even when Megan Kelly quoted him calling some women, “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals”,  the crowd went wild!

Ha, Ha, Ha, we are fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Ha, Ha, Ha!  Women suck!  I heart misogyny!

Maybe I’ve been drinking too many gin martinis and smoking way too much pot but Donald Trump is looking good. He still is way out in front of all other GOPeer’s. He’s kicking ass and taking names not even Chuck Todd can stop him.

The Donald seems to know exactly what America wants. A shit kicking loud mouth; he will tell women how and when they can have birth control, first day in office he’ll throw out all those no good illegals and their “anchor babies”, he also won’t let anyone try to abort an “anchor baby” cuz whose going to build that wall?

Trump already knows that when he’s in office he’ll handle ISIS.  He’ll make a great commander in chief after serving NEVER in the military due to a bone spur in his foot. Then he wants to totally get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something spectacular. Plus after he does that he’s going to go back to Iraq and take the oil. Just take it cuz we have to take care of our wounded soldiers and we need the oil cuz we’re America!

I’m so excited about Donald Trump for president I practically have blood coming out of my eyes and other places.

My Mother Warned Me About Men Like YOU: Scott Walker

Have you ever stopped and thought what it must be like living next door to the United States?  The land of “opportunidad”?

We’ve got a super cool country –los Esatados Unidos– and you’re not invited. Lo Siento Mexico. We’re Closed Amigos.

Sure you can try to come here. Even if that life means working for slave labor wages, live in deplorable conditions (because the people in power really need to turn a profit) and have your families torn apart.  That’s just good economics America!

Last week, Scott Walker was asked, by a 13 year old American girl, why he voted against Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.

His response was simple: DAPA was not really following the law and Scott Walker is a god loving law following hypocrite. Walker continued saying, “in America nobody’s above the law.”

So instead of addressing the topic of deportation and being left fatherless, Walker stated that he hoped kids like Leslie and her seven year old little brother would learn in school that “the President and the Congress have to work together.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has no answers or good ideas –which is easily highlighted by his $2.2 billion dollar deficit, ranked 40th in job creation, and last in new business startups. He’s no friend of hardworking Americans. He still is proposing $300 million in additional cuts from the Wisconsin’s prized public university system, and millions more from K-12 education, outdoor recreation and conservation!

t1larg.dga-walker-ad.t1largHey Wisconsin wake up!  Governor Scott Walker doesn’t want you to get ahead or even able to enjoy your parks.

Scott Walker’s best ideas have screwed the everyday citizen in Wisconsin but that’s not enough. He’s not satisfied plundering Wisconsin’s economy he wants to take down the entire “U.S. of A”.

Scott Walker is what my mother warned me about. He won’t stop until he uses you like his little Piñata America. So be careful and wear protection.

CEOs Doing the Crime But NOT Doing the Time

Hey America! Here is a fun fact:

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG have agreed to plead guilty to felony charges and pay billions in criminal fines. The offenses range from manipulating the value of dollars and euros to rigging interest rates. Isn’t that neat?

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland will pay fines totaling $2.5 billion to the Justice Department. In addition, the Federal Reserve is imposing fines of more than $1.6 billion on the five banks. So they probably won’t ever do that again.
Michael Corbat Citigroup (CEO), James Dimon JPMorgan Chase (CEO), Antony Jenkins Barclays (CEO), Ross Maxwell McEwan (CEO) of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) and Sergio Ermotti UBS (CEO).  These turds are a bunch of white collar criminals who allow their banking institutions to continue unethical practices because all they have to do is pay billions of criminal fines out of the profits they illegally procured duh!

They’re doing the crime but they are not doing the time.

Did you know that Iceland didn’t bail out their banks?   Instead their country helped the citizens and forced the banks to bailout the people, making the banks write off the mortgages of their citizens. Only three banks remain but under the control of their government.

And did you know…
Vietnam sentenced a director of a Vietnam Bank to death for fake loans amounting to 89 million dollars. (Two other Vietnam bankers were sentenced to death.  Sounds barbaric or does it?)   In China, economic crimes are subject to a range of harsh penalties, including death.

I am not for torture. I am not for the death penalty. But it would be nice if these bankers resisted arrest.   And I doubt anyone would riot if a volunteer deputy accidentally gunned down a couple of bank CEOs. A Mexican girl can dream can’t she?

Cheaters Race to the Top!

Have you ever cheated on a test? Come on. You can tell me.
Are you one of the people that cheated on your drivers license test? Some of my closest friends cheated on this simple test.

My husband asks, “Does anyone ever fail the drivers test –cuz it seems– like anyone can get a license.”

I say we are a culture who is perfectly cool with cheating and getting away with it is how you get ahead. Right. One doesn’t have to look very hard to find examples of rampant cheating, lying, breaking the rules and never having to face justice! Unless of course you’re named Martha Stewart. She’s a convicted felon.

This past week in Atlanta, Georgia 11 educators — mostly African Americans that worked in impoverished communities–are now facing up to twenty years in prison for A. cheating on standardized tests, B. racketeering C. all of the above. They are taking the fall for a broken system a.k.a. No Child Left Behind that encouraged cheating especially at poor schools.

Two facts about No Child Left Behind:
1.  The end goal was that every child would be proficient in reading and math by 2014. Yeah, that didn’t happen and
2.  No Child Left Behind really meant no child left untested.

FACT: States on average spend 1.7 billion dollars a year on standardized testing. 1.7 billion dollars a year what a scam!

University of Georgia law professor Ron Carlson said, “It has to send a message to educators and broadly across the nation. Playing with students test scores is very, very dangerous business.”

Yeah but starting an illegal war, torturing and bragging about it is A+ okay. Or if you’re Wall Street no worries. See banks are too big to “nail” right?

We get it. We get it. There is a two tier legal system. One for regular folk and one for the billionaires that continue to increase their fortunes on the backs of the working class and the working poor.

Good thing these 11 educators will soon be sent to the big house! I’m glad they threw the book at them…educators. Now I’ll be able to sleep a lot better knowing that JP MORGAN CEO Jamie Dimon is still a free man!

Torture and Save a Baby

I was listening to the “other” public radio station this morning when I almost hit another car when I heard the word “torture” being stated not just once but at least three times in one news story. That’s right after years and years and years of saying anything but the word torture, like “enhanced interrogations” or “bad stuff” or “we’ve been naughty” they finally decided to report the news since congress released a controversial report regarding the United States and our tactics of torture.

How is this news? Are we so unaware that no one over this past decade realized we have been torturing people? The facts show that we are a country that unlawfully detains people and tortures them. We don’t like doing this but how else are we going to protect our nation against “Evil Doers”?

Some people are against torture cuz they haven’t weighed the pros and cons.  For example: What if the people we torture are going to blow up a building filled with babies? Huh, then what would you do?

The only answer is first start an illegal war, invade a country like Iraq, and pretend there are weapons of mass destruction!

Next, circulate false information under the guise it is based on facts and then go on all the Sunday morning news programs…I mean propaganda programs and announce how the “bad guys” are so bad we must use any method at our disposal therefore sealing the deal that we indeed must start a war to spread democracy even if it means we are going to beat the fucking shit out of potential terrorists.

And I wouldn’t stop there -cuz of all those babies in the building about to be destroyed- I would imprison these suspected terrorists (even if it means detaining a fourteen old cuz he may be involved with terrorist acts) and the only way to really get to the bottom of all of this terrorism stuff is to secretly break the Geneva Conventions in the name of democracy. That way everyone knows we really wouldn’t want to torture anyone but we have to cuz of the babies!