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Louie CK or Should I Say Louie Sick-Oh?

Turns out Louie CK is a hilarious comedian who has a real problem on his “hands”.  He has joked about horrific behavior and we all laughed.  Why?   Cuz when a weird looking dude publicly discloses his various dysfunctions or predilections it tends to make people laugh.  CK pushes the envelope and that is what comedians are suppose to do.  But we never thought he was actually acting on his salacious fantasy world.

A world made up of people in comedy.  A wonderful world where all a fella has to do is to turn to any young waif of his choosing and politely ask, “Is It cool If I rub one out while you two smoke pot?”

And the young lasses with their admiring smiles say,”But of course.   It would be an honor to witness your facial contortions as you beat off your meat dear sir.  This is a dream come true.”

Did you read El Sicko’s statement?   I find it “hard” to believe that Louie only recently discovered that “asking permission” was actually creating a “predicament” for his “admirers”.  Oh brother.

Gee, Louie we are all super stupid and no one can possibly see through your pathetic apology that pretty much says volumes about your inner psyche.  Your victims of your predatory behavior are not your “admirers”.

Now you should go and surround yourself with your friends –whom you enjoyed manipulating with more lies — and you should all rewatch your comedy special — “Shameless”.  You know for old time sake.

Here’s a neat idea:  Why don’t you pleasure yourself in front of your buddy Jon Stewart? Now that would be “comedy gold …sperm”.

Harvey Weinstein Hollywood’s Ruthless Rapist

I was never faced with the horrifying prospect of a gross powerful pig preying upon me.  Yes I have had to make clear to fellow male colleagues that I don’t want to be intimate or give them a massage to ease their tension.  But gratefully I have not been faced with the horrifying experiences of Harvey Weinstein’s rape victims.

Harvey Weinstein made loads and loads of money for his movie investors while tormenting and raping any woman that he desired to rape.  Harvey Weinstein used his position of power and influence to gain access to any person he wished.  He is a sociopath without ability to feel empathy, sympathy, guilt of any kind for his sadistic appetite.

We would all like to think that Harvey is an isolated incident.  (What’s up with Bill Cosby?  How is Roman Palansky?)

The fact of the matter is women don’t matter.  Children don’t matter.  They are a commodity that can be easily exploited for the pleasure of deviant powerful men.

So what’s new?

We have greater ability than ever to band together through social media platforms and union affiliations to expose these predators for the criminals they are.  Harvey Weinstein is a criminal serial rapist.  He used his position of power and influence to coerce young woman to do whatever her desired while using multiple methods of manipulation.  He is a master at getting what he wants no matter the cost.  He is a sick individual.

He’s so sick even Woody Allen feels “sad” for Harvey.

And if I read about one more powerful white dominant culture movie star who has to say, “I never heard these rumors…”  I call bologna.  You did hear about Harvey Weinstein and didn’t care cuz you’re a man.


President’s Day You Gotta Be Kidding

Why do I have tomorrow off from work the same day my doctor’s office is closed?  This can only mean one thing:  President’s Day…Sales!  Is there a better way to spend my favorite holiday than shopping.  We can show the entire world how great our Presidents really are -they give us great bargains on household appliances and cars.  I’m sure I’m just like many Americans on the eve of Presidents Day so excited I can hardly sleep.  But before I go to bed as a family tradition my husband and I will be playing “Guess Which President Didn’t Try F’ Us?”

I always win with number 29  Warren Harding – some would say the worst president ever – 1921 to 23.  Supposedly he ran the White House like it was a boys club with drinking and golfing and womanizing. Just as the friends he’d appointed for cabinet positions were being nailed for corruption one after another.  Sound familiar?  Harding contracted what doctors assumed was ptomaine poisoning (I don’t even know how to pronounce ptomaine) and died of a related heart attack. Rumors abounded that his wife Mrs. Florence Harding poisoned him to protect what legacy he had left.  I guess we all should try and
remember:  Behind every great man is a woman.  So be very careful.  Happy President’s Day.

I’m Still in Drump Denial

I think I’ve been in denial about the reality of our state of affairs in our country. Yikes. Seriously, what ever progress we thought we had made by electing Obama we are clearly heading in the other direction.

Sure Obama already had us in eight wars, we lost Habeus Corpus, whatever that is, we tortured some “folks”, which sounds more folksy than torture-eey. And the Democrats and Republicans are pretty much the same game in town cuz no one represents me!

Debbie Wasserman Shultz represents her own special interests, Donna Brazil doesn’t listen to her constiuency, Tim Kaine is cool with right to work and don’t you ever forget that. Nancy Pelosi is sooooo last century, Chuck Shumer pretends he cares and pretty much does what the corporation want him to do and don’t get me started on Cory Booker. He had the chance to stand up for the middle class and struggling class to vote for access to pharmaceutical from Canada and he didn’t. He is no better than Ted Cruz. Oh wait Ted Cruz actually voted for the amendment that Bernie Sanders also voted in support.

Good Night America

I know there are thousands and thousands of people who are stunned by the election results.  I was not prepared at all.  I wasn’t overly confident.  I mean I was just hoping Jill Stein would somehow make progress.  Trump is about to speak at his election headquarters.  Right now Trump has 257 Electoral Votes and Hillary has 215!


11:50 pm and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump and conceded.  He is about to speak to the United States and I’m perplexed.  Oh there’s Michael Pence strutting across the stage with his family and boy that fellar is next in line to become president.  wow.

“This is a historic night and the American people have spoken and elected a new champion.”

Pence looks pretty scared and shocked as he looks into the crowd wearing “Make America Great Again” red caps chanting “USA, USA, USA”.

It is my high honor and distinct privilege ‘introduce the President Elect of the United States of America Donald Trump.

Good night America.

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

The Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, stood silhouetted center stage, then marched to the microphone to announce his wife.  Everyone held their breath.  What was she going to say?  How would she inspire America?  And what would she wear!

Mrs. Melania Trump made a big splash.   Boy oh boy did she.

I loved seeing Melania finally take center stage.  It was like a super model angel from the heavens decided to come down to earth and thought Cleveland’s Republican Convention 2016 deserved a treat and wow.

Melania glided towards Donald.  They almost embraced.  The affection demonstrated confused me.  She looked at him with a gentle look and I wondered how much of this show has been rehearsed.

Evidently not enough.  Melania’s speech had some problems.   More specifically she doesn’t understand it is not proper to use other people’s words without at the very least to credit them.  I’m not saying she’s too pretty, too gorgeous, too attractive to have a brain but jeepers creepers.  The next first lady plagiarized her speech, okay-okay,  parts of her speech.  She took words from Michelle Obama’s Democratic Convention speech.  Egads.  How entitled actually are the Trumps?

So instead of earning an “A” for having poise and charm now she has to earn an “F” for “F’ing up”.  And one cannot help but wonder how the Trump Campaign allowed this to happen?

Maybe that is the worst that will happen.  Maybe Melania’s step-children played a little joke on their stepmother.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke tonight and…

Feminists are too Feminist

I recently read that Feminsts are too aggressive. I agree. Just look at all those F’ing feminists shooting their mouths off about stuff like Equal Pay.   Ridiculous.
The Feminist movement has really gotten out of control. Women really BELIEVE they should be able to enjoy the same freedoms as men do.  (Which is weird since we only have vagina.)

I get it. Some women think just because we can bear children —none of which is possible without the steadfast assistance of men’s ejaculate.  See even the miracle of birth we are dependent on sperm a.k.a. Magic Man’s Sauce.

I totally hear you when you say feminists are too aggressive! Why can’t these mouth women be satisfied with the status quo?

I mean how is corporate America able to turn a profit if they actually pay minimum wage workers a livable wage. Yuck. Yucky.  Sure the majority of minimum wage workers are women — which only reveals women are unable of holding positions of authority since they have emotional breakdowns due to their lady parts or just having a bad hair day.
It is absolutely ridiculous to have women even in the work force.  Am I right ladies?
I’m not a scientist but aren’t womens’ brains even smaller than mens’?

Let’s not forget behind every great man is a WEAK WOMAN unable to lead a NATION without crying about being mistreated.

So to all of you aggressive feminists -Why don’t you behave more like pretty Sarah Palin or Ann Coutler or Melania Trump and less like BOSSY Elizabeth Warren and you know who?  Right?  You do know who?

California Feeling the Bern for All the Right Reasons

It turns out Ms. Zamorano has connections.  After years living with my husband and his constant questioning of authority and breaking rules because his father is a retired cop I knew that whatever it took no matter how long the line was I had to get into the event or bribe my way in.  (I know its not exactly what the Bernie Sanders campaign would authorize but seriously I drove all the way from Pasadena to Santa Monica at four pm  during traffic.  I was getting in even with the first hand knowledge of a two mile long line.)

My husband said, “Park the car here and I’ll see you inside.”

I gathered my gear and forgetting my water behind in the car something I regretted immediately as he sped away to find the entrance for the journalists.  I spotted a policeman at the front of the gate and asked him where the entrance parking for the news crews and he immediately took a call on his walkie.  I stood at the entrance now looking like I belonged.  A secret that my husband taught me years ago.  Look like you’re suppose to be here and you are.

IMG_485740567I eventually made my way through the long maze of a line to get into the stadium.  Used the public bathrooms early and almost lost my phone right below.  Yuck.  That was a close one.

I entered the stadium.  My first Bernie Sanders just then  a text from “my number one husband” that I had a press pass waiting for me.  Yes.  I was reporting and I walked away with quite the scoop.

Bernie continues to change the course of the conversation to envision a country that invests in our future.  He faces a ton of opposition but the revolution has begun.

Come on California we can make a difference June 7th!

The Return of Paul Ryan!

“You wanna bet?”  My husband suddenly announced.

“Sure?”I was up for the challenge.

And then my husband said, “One thousand dollars.”


“Yeah, why not?” He went on,  “If you’re so sure that Paul Ryan will be the next Presidential Candidate for the Republicans…”

“But we’ve never used money when we bet,” I reminded my hubby,”We’re married.  I give you a thousand or you give me a thousand it still goes into the same account.”

“One thousand dollars.” Agreed.

Sure.  This is a no brainer.  Just check out Paul Ryan’s propaganda machine at work.

This “confident” man and the machine behind this man is getting ready to unify the Grand Ole Party.  And he’s already earned the endorsement of great men like Mitt Romney (Republican 2012 Loser).

We all remember when Mitt Romney slipped when announcing Paul Ryan but we all knew that Paul Ryan really really really wanted to become president and here’s his big chance once again.  He’s the fresh young face of conservative America with a hilarious beard that shows us he’s old enough to grow one and he looks so much wiser too.

I don’t think Donald, John, or Ted will be around much longer but it was fun.  You know like all the fun racist comments and dumb arguing about who is the better candidate and who isn’t?  Yeah, that kind of good stupid fun before it got crazy-ugly-violent.

“Bye bye Kasitch”, “Auf Wiedersehen Trump” and “Adios Cruz!”  It was fun while it lasted but I think when I say this: I speak on behalf of many relieved Americans that they don’t love Paul Ryan but they don’t hate him.

His new motto to really attract the undecided voter could be something catchy like this:  Paul Ryan he has a beard and is a lot better than those other guys!


GOP Practices Abstinence From Facts

Hey Ladies!  I just caught a glance of a few headlines on “Huff Po.” And I’m sure glad that this- hard hitting website- is not only able to inform the public about world events that effect all of us; but they take the time to also highlight the most HIDEOUS SPOUSES OF CELEBRITIES!

If they’re not examining “Who has the ugliest spouse?” I can always depend on being shocked by the newest photo of ill-fitting clothing on a beautiful woman that accentuates the reality of having an imperfect body. Gross! Or if I’m really lucky I can catch a glimpse of a woman able to nurse two kids at once! Genius!

We all can agree that conservatives continue to “Wage a War on Women’s Rights”… but now even our liberal news sites are far worse because of all of their salacious links that sexualize and demean women.  (War on Women? What fun.)

Not all women, just women who are ugly or once beautiful and now ugly or suffer from cellulite –all very news worthy items.

I guess it is hard to take women seriously when they’re fat, ugly and old.  On the bright side its 2015 and we’re still fighting to protect women’s rights!

Did you catch the circus on CSPAN this past week?  Oh, the conservative lunatics in Washington were foaming at the mouth and even their eyes were twitching cuz they knew that everybody was going to be talking about how very smart they are and how they really gave it to the blonde chick who runs Planned Parenthood.  The stand out lead actor in our play was my favorite actor in a mini series: Jason Chaffetz all the way from Utah.dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

This past week, House Oversight chairman Jason “asswipe” Chaffetz (R Utah) interrogated Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards  which only solidified that conservatives really do practice abstinence…from facts. And Ms. Richards answered each question with poise and wasn’t ruffled by the transparent behavior of the white dominant culture that is super cool with Fascism.  She had facts and was very forthcoming no matter what type of question about the “Congo” they might mutter or about her income that she earns from killing babies.

During Jason Chaffetz’s cross examination of Cecille Richards she pretty much man handled him with her articulate manner and use of facts.  Cecile Richard’s use of logic left Jason Chaffetz with his “dick in his hand” and egg on his face! But it was an unfertilized egg on his face so that makes it okay.  Am I right ladies?