Walmart! No Need for a Moral Compass!

Walmart!  Walmart!  Walmart!  Wow when was the last time you stepped inside of a Walmart?  I was in the midwest last summer in a small town called Monticello.  The only store you could find open was Walmart.  I guess all the other stores were closed or just were put out of business due to Walmart’s amazing prices.  It is hard to compete with cheap slave labor and low prices that will knock your socks off.  So you’ll have to definitely buy more socks.

I walked through the store and immediately noticed its vastness and cleanliness.  Each item that I considered purchasing was definitely in my budget.  There was a great patio set that I thought would be a great gift and it was only 150 bucks.  Nice gift and reasonable price but I couldn’t help but wonder at what cost?  Why are so many Walmart employees only working part time?  Why are so many Walmart employees living in poverty? And why can’t they be represented by a union especially since unions helped build the middle class.   I recently heard one woman suggest, “Well no one is forcing them to work at Walmart.   They should have gone to college if they wanted a better job.”

What happened to America that we decided to make Walmart the all American destination to shop?  Is it because they have unethical employment practices?  Is it that Walmart is a multi-billion dollar corporation that earns some where around 16. 4 billion dollars in profits and we value profits over humanity? The owners of Walmart, the Walton family, are just good folk who turned small towns upside down, ran mom and pop shops out of town, and found a way to have their employees health care plan subsidized by our government.  I may not do a lot of things right but I know I will NEVER shop EVER at Walmart.  Walmart is nicely wrapped in the American flag and has no problem oppressing their employees while making billions in profits.  I plan on BOYCOTTING WALMART forever or until they UNIONIZE.

One thought on “Walmart! No Need for a Moral Compass!

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