History vs Herstory: The First Debate

Just finished watching the first debate and I got to say that it still is neck and neck.  Who watched the debate tonight and said, “Well I thought I was going to vote for Donald but now that I really was able to watch the debate and reflect upon each candidates well rehearsed responses…I am totally voting for Hillary.”

Seriously you and I both know that no one changed their minds tonight.  No one.  If you watched the debate nothing surprised you.  We all tuned in because we were hoping to see a train wreck aka Donald Trump.  Also we all were relieved that Hillary didn’t have a coughing fit or faint.

Donald never provided a clear vision for a better America nor does he have a jobs program.  Hillary on the other hand managed to appear as cool as a cucumber even when she faced Trump’s accusation about NAFTA being a failure.

“Donald I know you live in your own reality but” is the best line of the night but Donald really held Hillary’s feet to the fire when it came to screwing up things for 30 years and NAFTA fucked America.

By the conclusion of the debate I know I just felt worn out and relieved something awkward didn’t occur.  So we have that going for us America.  Only two more debates
Second presidential debate (Sun, Oct. 9)
Third presidential debate (Wed, Oct. 19)images

I still cannot tell you exactly what either candidate stands for because I’m with Jill Stein. I’m voting third party because neither one of those millionaires represent me or even begin to speak to the needs of the regular working woman.

Dr. Jill Stein should be onstage during the debates because only then will the voice of the people be heard.

Finally, I couldn’t help but adore what Melania wore.  No one wears a zipper dress better than Mrs. Trump.  I don’t care she’s foreign born; she loves Donald and someone has to. Am I right America.  Ladies?  Pigs, slobs, dogs?

2 thoughts on “History vs Herstory: The First Debate

  1. = Ourstory co-opted.

    Stop conceding to the right by talking about it (the debate).. Instead do a small paragraph, then talking about the greens policy or reaction (Not Jill).

    You/We/Us are fooled into playing politics instead of civics so that the message is so easily corrupted that even those in the middle fall back to right. TYT is conservative but deemed to be left.. Shit they had a report Zuckerface to cure all disease with 3 billion wtf?? Or Gates foundation is GOOD wants to create bestest condoms (whilst doing everything to profit from public education)

    The media is neutral — no the media is no such thing and stating such is why the far right can state the media is left leaning and people fall for it. As lefties or those seeming to be on the left always concede due to doubt (Ana’hid) or the false prophets (Maher)..

    Ugh then you have the real fake left (actual far right) of the like of Rubin – Santa Maria, that defend the like of Monsanto ahh that was a sad day..

    We cannot win by just reacting, we have to talk, we cannot Krauss/Dawkins people..

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hillary is counting on the nations ignorance of things like the WTO services agenda, which is going to be worse than NAFTA for millennials and the rest of us. We’re just standing in the way of their grandiose dreams for world economic domination so they plan to replace the whole middle class with other workers. “Its more efficient” or so they say. How stupid we are to not realize that the WTO services deal from 1995 and its modern day progeny, the trade in services agreement are the second phase of the same greed based war on America as NAFTA was, except directed at services, 70% of all jobs. “Everything you cannot drop on your foot”. We will have to comply, and create “disciplines on domestic regulation” to allow it. What we will find ourselves stuck in is an intentionally irreversible race to the bottom.

    There are at least half a dozen economic analyses they point to which they use to justify this scheme and the secrecy its being undertaken in. Every one of them- every single economic analyses just looks at increased profits and ignores that fact that those millions of people will never get jobs again, as jobs as we know them are going away for good.

    Thats the 800 lb gorilla in the room of neoliberal services liberalisation. Its just nuts to force countries to eliminate public health care and education when peoples incomes are going away for good if they don’t have an education. (well, actually, here is the criteria they use, if a service is completely free, its immune from the piecemeal privatization)

    “For the purposes of this Agreement…

    (b) ‘services’ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;

    (c) ‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.”

    So this election, because of the Trade Promotion Authority fine print, which says finishing the WTO is top priority, is literally of world changing importance, it is really important, and electing the wife of the man who created the WTO is the absolute biggest endorsement we could give to its policies which are literally poison for our country and the worlds future.

    Its totally the wrong model for development. These Mode Four “movement of natural persons” provisions that let them import guest workers and pay them below minimum wage have been compared to modern day slavery.

    People will rue the day they let Bernie bow out of the race. Now its a choice between the dumb evil person and the really smart, really really evil one. And Jill Stein who doesnt seem like she takes her own campaign seriously enough, her campaign ignores facts which she could use to win.

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