California is HOT HOT HOT!

I am living in a heat wave and can’t believe anyone can survive this kind of weather in sunny southern California without air conditioning.

Years ago my family and I planned a trip to France during the summer.  “Hey, did you know France is experiencing their worst heat wave in history?” That meant nothing to me when my friend Mike warned me about gay Paris because I live in California and know what hot is all about.  I know HOT!

And then the part about France I didn’t know about  is that many buildings don’t have air conditioning and since we were doing a home exchange our Paris apartment was quaint without any a.c. The days were long and the nights were unbearable.  The air stood still as the heat pounded down.  I couldn’t even get a cool refreshing drink.   You probably are already familiar with what “a cup of ice” usually means at a cafe.  Answer:  It means maybe a few teeny tiny cubes of ice pellets that melt upon arrival.  There was no escape from the heat.

And here I sit trapped inside my home today.  Another heat wave.  It is awful.  L. A. City Hall and boy is it HOT!Not to mention how unmotivated to do anything I am now feeling.  I am no match for the heat.  I give.  It is way too hot to even take my dog Brownie for a walk until later tonight.

Every step I take outside in the heat makes parts of my body stick together that don’t usually stay stuck.  Yuck.

Excuse me  while I go and pray to the god of rain.

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