Out of Touch Bureaucracy

Congress is still on their summer break and I am concluding my second week of teaching ninth and tenth grade students.

“I have one hundred and seventy-two student“, the Spanish teacher shares but in English.

“Oh, wow that must be nice,” the AP English teacher chuckles, “I have a hundred and ninety students.”

I sit and say nothing.  I did the math.  I figured things out.  Right now I am around one hundred and sixty-five students.  That is fifteen students less than last school year.  Fifteen less student is a dream come true.

Our school district’s Superintendent visited our classrooms, you know so he can keep in touch with the commoners.  The principal escorted him from one classroom to another.  Stopping to see if students are learning.

“Oh when he came into my room I told him that my classes are way too  big and that I had over thirty-eight kids in most of my classes.  And guess what he said next…

Oh I hope he said, “we will cap your classes at thirty just give us one week to balance the numbers and if necessary hire more teachers.”

But instead he said, “Well thats great for me.”  Meaning our school district gets money for each new student.

“But you don’t get more money.  These students are not new to our district. ”  The exchange was exasperating .

It is obvious our school district’s well paid superintendent is clearly OUT OF TOUCH and obviously has a limited personality.  He equates large class size as “great”.  But who actually benefits from large classes?  The students?  The community?  The instructor?  Who?  Who can thrive –while learning new skills– when there are literally not enough desks or space in the classroom?

Now excuse me as I attempt to memorize 168 student names.  Yikes!

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  1. How about you give us a PO box number and we can donate name tags for you? Or just make them count off like the Von Trapp kids. Seriously our nation is screwed if we can’t get this education thing under control. Thanks for your hard work educating our kids Stef!

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