Hillary Clinton Que Pasa?

Hillary Clinton’s new book entitled What Happened is suppose to provide some much needed insight into the debacle of her second losing campaign run for president.

Through a great deal of research and with the help of John Podesta here are some titles they decided to not use:


National Treasure

They Made Me Pick Tim Kaine

I  Lost to Who?

I’m Really That Unpopular

Can You Believe This Shit?

I’m With Her…Book

I know I will never read this book of fiction.  I just don’t have enough time to read a carefully crafted fictionalization of her journey.

One thought on “Hillary Clinton Que Pasa?

  1. Miserable Liberal -I have spent over an hour trying to figure out how to donate to your Jimmy Dore Show. My husband (spanzoid@yahoo.com) and I did that before -fund you once when we could and not take any gifts. We just don’t want to also fund youtube or Amazon or other group hostile to you. How do we fund you (no gifts please)? Love you, Elzina Boil

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