Dear Mr. Trump #Andy Kaufman of the GOP

Dear Mr. Trump,

Bravo to you and your hair for giving the American public just the right dose of “Those Mexicans are Chupacabra scary!”  I love you.  You are a straight shooter.   I hope later today after you read my letter, you will look into your mirror and say, “Mexicans will love me” over and over again– because believe it or not– I love you Mr. Trump.   You have turned  a spotlight on an issue your conservative (but not fiscally responsible) party avoids providing any SOLUTIONS.

Look at yourself soaring in the polls because…people love to hate.  Right now the flavor is dark chocolate hate.  Anything dark must mean trouble like drugs, crime and rape.    Good. Scaring the American public is the best way to go.

Everybody who is anybody is talking about YOU.  Fabulous campaigning strategy to alienate an entire group of people even if it means ending business relationships with Macy’s, PGA Golf (You are  so smart you’ve alienated an entire sport ), even Serta a mattress company thought you blew it, and then Univision pulls a fast one and cancels airing your pageant of pretty third world girls.  And then Miss Mexico says, “hasta la vista Donald”.  NBC ends your contract and NASCAR throws you to the curb and look at you.  You are still in the top three for the GOP candidate running for President of the United States.  Your immigrant wife must be so proud.

Thanks again for highlighting again and again how much Mexicans have ruined the United States and how America will only be great when you are in a position to build a fence to keep out desperate people who are risking their lives to have a chance for a better life than the one they face now but it is great to know you are all over this issue especially since your wife is an immigrant.  Don’t get me started on the Slovenians.  The stories I could tell.

I am your number one fan here in beautiful Los Angeles looking forward to you DOMINATING the debates without logic or facts.  Are you the Andy Kaufman of the GOP?

Love Forever,

Stef “Mexican with a Masters” Zamorano

One thought on “Dear Mr. Trump #Andy Kaufman of the GOP

  1. Just a wonderful commentary.. keep it up……. i listen to you on the Jimmy Dore show all the time and just started read this …. great

    bob d.
    Catskill mountains of NY

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