Medicare for All Even for John McCain

America just found out Senator John “Maverick” McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.   Many people have voiced their concern while at the same time wondering why all American don’t have the exact health care plan.  The dramatic irony is McCain’s own health care plan makes me sick.  Not only is it an absurd idea but ultimately fatal.  If anyone in his same situation was dependent on his health care plan and suffered from the same condition they would go bankrupt and more likely not have the access to the same medical professionals that an elected politician is entitled to.  

Senator John McCain has access to the best doctors that MONEY CAN BUY. Currently 50% of Americans are struggling financially and a $500 bill would turn many people’s lives upside down.  

WE DESERVE MEDICARE FOR ALL! (I put this in capital letters so you know I mean it.)  Especially when we are dropping bombs on eight or so countries! Does anyone in the top 1% or in our government care about the lives WE are destroying?  Or the suffering our government war machine continues to indulge to make a profit.

Our country is a CANCER.  

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