My Mother Warned Me About Men Like YOU: Scott Walker

Have you ever stopped and thought what it must be like living next door to the United States?  The land of “opportunidad”?

We’ve got a super cool country –los Esatados Unidos– and you’re not invited. Lo Siento Mexico. We’re Closed Amigos.

Sure you can try to come here. Even if that life means working for slave labor wages, live in deplorable conditions (because the people in power really need to turn a profit) and have your families torn apart.  That’s just good economics America!

Last week, Scott Walker was asked, by a 13 year old American girl, why he voted against Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.

His response was simple: DAPA was not really following the law and Scott Walker is a god loving law following hypocrite. Walker continued saying, “in America nobody’s above the law.”

So instead of addressing the topic of deportation and being left fatherless, Walker stated that he hoped kids like Leslie and her seven year old little brother would learn in school that “the President and the Congress have to work together.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has no answers or good ideas –which is easily highlighted by his $2.2 billion dollar deficit, ranked 40th in job creation, and last in new business startups. He’s no friend of hardworking Americans. He still is proposing $300 million in additional cuts from the Wisconsin’s prized public university system, and millions more from K-12 education, outdoor recreation and conservation!

t1larg.dga-walker-ad.t1largHey Wisconsin wake up!  Governor Scott Walker doesn’t want you to get ahead or even able to enjoy your parks.

Scott Walker’s best ideas have screwed the everyday citizen in Wisconsin but that’s not enough. He’s not satisfied plundering Wisconsin’s economy he wants to take down the entire “U.S. of A”.

Scott Walker is what my mother warned me about. He won’t stop until he uses you like his little Piñata America. So be careful and wear protection.

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