Filibustering Right Now

You might not be able to tell but I’m “Filibustering” right now in the privacy of my own home.
According to Filibuster-As a verb, filibuster means “to obstruct legislation by talking at great length.”  As a parliamentary tactic, the filibuster dates back to at least the first century B.C.E. The rules of the Roman Senate required that all business must be completed by nightfall, and, on more than one occasion, the senator Cato the Younger spoke until dark to delay a vote. In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a minister may “talk out” a bill, but his speech must pertain to the bill. In the United States, by contrast, a Senator may forestall action on a bill by speaking on any topic.

Right now Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut is making his case and we are already three hours and 21 minutes into this filibuster regarding gun control.  The Orlando nightclub murders reminds America that random acts of violence can happen to anyone and just maybe we need to have greater gun control legislation to prevent maniacs from destroying peoples’ lives with the use of “automatic weapons”.

Will the Democrats be successful with their “No fly, No buy” response to gun control or will they be shot down?


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