Let Them Eat Diamonds!

Things are falling apart and I just cannot bring myself to read about the crazy making government destroying machine that is happening in our country.  Its not that my head is in the sand– it is just I cannot take it any more…at least not today.

All you have to do is read the headlines shouting, “Meals on Wheels and Medicaid will be Gutted”. Or if Barron and Melania lived in D.C. for only six days important programs that help those less fortunate in our society could stay funded.  What a concept.  Government for the people, by the people taking care of people.  That sounds weird.

How can I look anyone in the eye today and say, “Have a good day, even though our country is in a mid-death spiral, other than that,  have a good day.”  I can’t even get out of my pajamas it is that bad.

So instead I am on my couch sitting next to my dog and there is a light drizzle outside.  I contemplate the plight of the human race.  And then I came upon this…

Now I feel so much better cuz I’m experiencing what so many people are experiencing:  Butterfly Brain.

3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Diamonds!

    1. Eww, the thought of Ron coming out of Steph’s vag is too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Ron’s commentary. Oh, wait, you weren’t speaking in literal terms…never mind.

  1. I’ve been watching the Jimmy Dore show for punditry, and it’s time to expand into his circle and start reading your stuff. This was a nice post, and I’ve been there.

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