2015 Resolution:No More Torture and Exercise More

Every year I sit and think oh my god I have to make a list of RESOLUTIONS that I am willing to live or die by.  Sure things never really get that tense but the mere idea already makes me feel like a complete failure.  No I haven’t become the person I was once resolute to become.  Maybe I just gave up along the way or found other things more desirable.  I don’t know exactly.

I try to live a good life but it seems more of my life is spent zoning out watching movies that my husband will never have the patience to watch cuz he’s reading another article on “TORTURE” and the loss of moral compass our country seems to effortlessly exude in the name of Democracy.

It seems pointless to write out my resolutions when my country can’t even live by it’s constitution.  Who are we?  What do we stand for?

Come to think if there was any year that I should write resolutions it is this year BUT this year’s RESOLUTIONS will be logical and attainable…

1.  I will not TORTURE

2.  I will not argue about the pro’s or con’s about TORTURE since morally we should not TORTURE.

3.  I will not RAPE another human being because it is TORTURE.

4.  I will not take PHOTOS of my TORTURE victims because I will not TORTURE.

5.  Exercise

6.  Eat fruits and vegetables

7.  Lose a half of a pound.

These are definitely resolutions that I can master without problem.

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