Trouble Right Here in Missouri!

I sat down today having lunch with my friends and they were completely clueless about the horrific situation in Ferguson, Missouri! They had no idea that a young man was shot in the middle of the street and left to die. They had no idea that civil unrest was growing in the community nor did they know that the Ferguson Police Department escalated the entire situation.

Ferguson Police Department aka Fatigue Wearing Badasses playing at war.
Ferguson Police Department aka Fatigue Wearing Badasses playing at war.

I am outraged and helpless to do anything about the ongoing injustices that the police continue to exercise against fellow human beings.  It wasn’t that long ago I witnessed the brutality of the New York police department as they threatened Occupy Wall Street protesters.  I cringed when I witnessed Berkeley school police brutalize young women and men.  Even last night Berkeley students protested the escalating militarization of our countries’ police force and guess what happened next?

According to the Daily Californian

“Protesters in Berkeley, many of whom were UC Berkeley students, chanted “hands up, don’t shoot” and “no justice, no peace, fuck the police.” Crowds marched north on Telegraph Avenue and through Downtown Berkeley before the dispersal order was announced on the edge of campus.

“According to a police alert sent to community members, Berkeley police officers were notified at 8:49 p.m. by Oakland authorities that a “large group involved in a violent demonstration” was making its way into Berkeley.

Yeah imagine how scary a bunch of educated middle class kids in hoodies must be.  And then imagine how scary it must be to see two young black men walking down the middle of a Missouri street must be.

Chief Thomas Jackson at press conference trying to hold in his stomach and wow the press with his lack of knowledge.

With each new piece of information provided to the public from the Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson the more disturbed I become.

The police department refused to release any pertinent information they are legally bound to provide.  Instead they choose to escalate the threat of violence by playing dress up bad asses wearing fatigues to show the country and the world their penultimate level of stupidity and brutality.  A bunch of neaderthals running around with their knuckles dragging and armed with automatic weaponry protecting Democracy.

Footnote:  The Ferguson Police Chief still confused why his leadership is no longer warranted and the Missouri Highway Patrol will handle protecting the peace in Ferguson, Missouri until further notice.

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