First They Came For Mexicans

Hey America it appears we are a god fearing, gun toting, xenophobic country. Hurray.

Sure many Americans enjoy chips, salsa and margaritas or going to their favorite Chinese Restaurant but that is where our love for diversity stops!

According to Trump a.k.a. “Fascist Puerco”:

“No employment opportunities? “Blame the Mexicans and build a great wall to keep the riffraff out.  Stock Market takes a turn, “Those Chinese are screwing our economy”

Hate the Iran Deal?  Solution invade the middle east and take whats ours…all of the OIL.   And the Free Market will regulate itself its just that easy.

I don’t know if I can take much more of Donald Trump’s hateful vitriol.
Donald Trump kicked out a journalist from one of his Q&As. And the press cowered!
Donald Trump commanded with a slight nod for his body guard to shove a Mexican journalist out of the room and the press watched and allowed it to happen…in America.

Then when questioned about his behavior Donald Trump flat out LIED again and again about not knowing the journalist’s name or his position at Univision and lie about not even knowing his own body guard’s name man who escorted Jorge Ramos from the room. Every journalist sitting in that room failed to take Trump to task and why is that?

First they built a wall.
Then they came for the Mexicans
Then they came for the journalists
Then they came for the Chinese
Then they came for babies.
And when they came for you but no one was left except the FASCISTS!

2 thoughts on “First They Came For Mexicans

  1. I am trying to write a story which touches on a lot of issues, but one of the most important ones its touching on is a very greeedy scheme which is often confused with immigration and people get it wrong, I totally support immigration and immigrants. I just hate exploitation and really unequal power situations- And I hate people being put in legal limbo because I grew up an “illegitimate” person, a child of somebody some other people fixated on, and they basically wanted to nullify me because I had legal rights which I did not know about. So I have very highly developed BS antennae and saw this situation for what it was long before the rest of us except a very few, and the media is hiding it. It also involves health care and education, and a huge scheme to vastly increase corporate profits. It has the potential to hijack immigration reform and cause a backlash against immigrants, which terrifies me. So much money is involved that I suspect the whole fake drama is there to help hide this scheme until its too late, because CARVE OUTS need to go in now. Its a multi-tentacled story, a huge story, kind of like the Rosetta Stone to policy. Please review it, this link will first lead you to deep healthcare knowledge. And show you why Bill Clinton was teasing us, trying to make us think he feels our pain. (Dont think for a minute that he cares.) its also the key to whats really happening in education. You dont need to take my word for it, its what experts say. Just explore. You have my email, just append to the domain name /links/healthcare/23-years-of-healthcare-hijacking-and-false-hope

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