He Vas My Boyfriend

Around September I decided that I wanted to take voice lessons again.  I like to sing.  I use to do musicals and I really have had a great time doing them.  But it had been almost ten years since the last musical which was so memorable.  I was Lucy VanPelt in an unappoved adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas  in beautiful Hollywood, California.  My husband said he fell in love with me all over again when he saw me in that role.

Like I was saying a few months ago I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do another show but I don’t even have an audition song or anything.”  I finally remembered I had worked with a man named “Alan Chapman” who you can hear on USC’s classical station every day and he’s rather popular that my mom has a mad crush on him.  Alan is not only a popular radio personality but is an accomplished musician so I contacted him to see if he could recommend a vocal coach.

“Hey Stef, actually my wife Karen Benjamin is a vocal coach.”

And once I got my head on straight I made an appointment and started singing again.  In less than three months I auditioned for a local city college musical entitled Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks.  I auditioned and was cast as the role of Frau Blucher (FX horse whinny).  I immediately was impressed by the cast and became quite fond of many of the company members and not so fond of some them.  (Seriously if one more theatre geek was going to attempt to give me a massage I was going to scream.) I’m not weird cuz  I don’t want cast members massaging me okay.

Anyways fast forward to I had a wonderful artistic adventure.  I was nervous I wasn’t going to be able to memorize my lines…and for the most part I did.  And of course every night required I do a solo.  Yikes.  I was panicked each night I just might forget a word or an entire phrase but alas the singing goddess smiled down upon me and I enjoyed quite a run.

It was indeed a special event in my life.

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