Feminists are too Feminist

I recently read that Feminsts are too aggressive. I agree. Just look at all those F’ing feminists shooting their mouths off about stuff like Equal Pay.   Ridiculous.
The Feminist movement has really gotten out of control. Women really BELIEVE they should be able to enjoy the same freedoms as men do.  (Which is weird since we only have vagina.)

I get it. Some women think just because we can bear children —none of which is possible without the steadfast assistance of men’s ejaculate.  See even the miracle of birth we are dependent on sperm a.k.a. Magic Man’s Sauce.

I totally hear you when you say feminists are too aggressive! Why can’t these mouth women be satisfied with the status quo?

I mean how is corporate America able to turn a profit if they actually pay minimum wage workers a livable wage. Yuck. Yucky.  Sure the majority of minimum wage workers are women — which only reveals women are unable of holding positions of authority since they have emotional breakdowns due to their lady parts or just having a bad hair day.
It is absolutely ridiculous to have women even in the work force.  Am I right ladies?
I’m not a scientist but aren’t womens’ brains even smaller than mens’?

Let’s not forget behind every great man is a WEAK WOMAN unable to lead a NATION without crying about being mistreated.

So to all of you aggressive feminists -Why don’t you behave more like pretty Sarah Palin or Ann Coutler or Melania Trump and less like BOSSY Elizabeth Warren and you know who?  Right?  You do know who?

One thought on “Feminists are too Feminist

  1. Hello Stef,

    A woman’s attitude, she sees beyond her ego, unlike men, a sacrifice requires a great soul, it is not a sacrifice though, watching your baby grow.

    Men are human beings, women don’t, shouldn’t have to envy men, all you have to do is show them the way (same you do with Jimmy)

    If you think Trump is the real deal, look again, there is always a woman steering events. For the best or for the worst, sisters should get on the same page.

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