Harvey Weinstein Hollywood’s Ruthless Rapist

I was never faced with the horrifying prospect of a gross powerful pig preying upon me.  Yes I have had to make clear to fellow male colleagues that I don’t want to be intimate or give them a massage to ease their tension.  But gratefully I have not been faced with the horrifying experiences of Harvey Weinstein’s rape victims.

Harvey Weinstein made loads and loads of money for his movie investors while tormenting and raping any woman that he desired to rape.  Harvey Weinstein used his position of power and influence to gain access to any person he wished.  He is a sociopath without ability to feel empathy, sympathy, guilt of any kind for his sadistic appetite.

We would all like to think that Harvey is an isolated incident.  (What’s up with Bill Cosby?  How is Roman Palansky?)

The fact of the matter is women don’t matter.  Children don’t matter.  They are a commodity that can be easily exploited for the pleasure of deviant powerful men.

So what’s new?

We have greater ability than ever to band together through social media platforms and union affiliations to expose these predators for the criminals they are.  Harvey Weinstein is a criminal serial rapist.  He used his position of power and influence to coerce young woman to do whatever her desired while using multiple methods of manipulation.  He is a master at getting what he wants no matter the cost.  He is a sick individual.

He’s so sick even Woody Allen feels “sad” for Harvey.

And if I read about one more powerful white dominant culture movie star who has to say, “I never heard these rumors…”  I call bologna.  You did hear about Harvey Weinstein and didn’t care cuz you’re a man.


One thought on “Harvey Weinstein Hollywood’s Ruthless Rapist

  1. Hi Stefane, this might be a good time to bring this up, but why do we often have this weird separation between a stranger rapist who holds a knife to a victim’s throat and a workplace rapist who holds the threat of demotion, loss of advancement, and unemployment with possible homelessness, hunger, loss of health insurance, blacklisting, etc.?

    The weapon may be different, but the result is the same. Rape.

    Hey, I say let’s hand out scissors to every woman out there, and tell all the pervy guys to whip out whatever they like. Or, a woman can place a PUSH PIN thumbtack between their fingers and then smack him in the dick! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! : )

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