Louie CK or Should I Say Louie Sick-Oh?

Turns out Louie CK is a hilarious comedian who has a real problem on his “hands”.  He has joked about horrific behavior and we all laughed.  Why?   Cuz when a weird looking dude publicly discloses his various dysfunctions or predilections it tends to make people laugh.  CK pushes the envelope and that is what comedians are suppose to do.  But we never thought he was actually acting on his salacious fantasy world.

A world made up of people in comedy.  A wonderful world where all a fella has to do is to turn to any young waif of his choosing and politely ask, “Is It cool If I rub one out while you two smoke pot?”

And the young lasses with their admiring smiles say,”But of course.   It would be an honor to witness your facial contortions as you beat off your meat dear sir.  This is a dream come true.”

Did you read El Sicko’s statement?   I find it “hard” to believe that Louie only recently discovered that “asking permission” was actually creating a “predicament” for his “admirers”.  Oh brother.

Gee, Louie we are all super stupid and no one can possibly see through your pathetic apology that pretty much says volumes about your inner psyche.  Your victims of your predatory behavior are not your “admirers”.

Now you should go and surround yourself with your friends –whom you enjoyed manipulating with more lies — and you should all rewatch your comedy special — “Shameless”.  You know for old time sake.

Here’s a neat idea:  Why don’t you pleasure yourself in front of your buddy Jon Stewart? Now that would be “comedy gold …sperm”.

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