President’s Day You Gotta Be Kidding

Why do I have tomorrow off from work the same day my doctor’s office is closed?  This can only mean one thing:  President’s Day…Sales!  Is there a better way to spend my favorite holiday than shopping.  We can show the entire world how great our Presidents really are -they give us great bargains on household appliances and cars.  I’m sure I’m just like many Americans on the eve of Presidents Day so excited I can hardly sleep.  But before I go to bed as a family tradition my husband and I will be playing “Guess Which President Didn’t Try F’ Us?”

I always win with number 29  Warren Harding – some would say the worst president ever – 1921 to 23.  Supposedly he ran the White House like it was a boys club with drinking and golfing and womanizing. Just as the friends he’d appointed for cabinet positions were being nailed for corruption one after another.  Sound familiar?  Harding contracted what doctors assumed was ptomaine poisoning (I don’t even know how to pronounce ptomaine) and died of a related heart attack. Rumors abounded that his wife Mrs. Florence Harding poisoned him to protect what legacy he had left.  I guess we all should try and
remember:  Behind every great man is a woman.  So be very careful.  Happy President’s Day.

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  1. Hi Steph,
    Under the category of small world, we both knew Carmen Zapata. Her brother in law, Nicholas Pecorella, was my godfather. I remember meeting her when I was a child in Brooklyn, New York. And after she moved to the west coast, we met a couple more times whenever she traveled back to the east coast to see her sister Laura and Nick. Unfortunately, I did not see her again after Laura passed away. I always thought she was a warm, wonderful person. Anyway, just wanted to share this with you.

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